Ballin: Richard Rubio had his first career triple-double last night, going for 21 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists in Minnesota’s surprise demolition of the Spurs. He also had a pretty nifty dribbling exhibition, so I’ll just shut up about him for now.

Not so much: The Celtics lost to the Bobcats — who were in the midst of a 10-game losing streak — by 26. I think I speak for everyone when I say, “What?”

Boo birds: Here are 19,000 Magic fans welcoming Dwight Howard back to Orlando.

If you ask me, that just sounds like standard hated road team booing, not quite “You betrayed our franchise, said you were all about loyalty, then re-forced a trade and threw shade at one of our all-time greatest teams” booing. Even in pregame it wasn’t that bad. Plus, Dwigt made 25 of his own-NBA-record-tying 39 free throw attempts in the Lakers win, so I think he is the champion of this showdown.

Toothpick leg: The Cavaliers and Wizards — both boasting .500 post-All-Star break winning percentages, as I’m sure you knew — squared off last night and the game was largely decided by Shaun Livingston (6-foot-7, ET knee) out-jumping Nene (6-foot-11) for a jump ball with 20 seconds remaining and the Cavs up by three.

Ricardo Montalban: Here’s that fancy Ricky Rubio stuff I mentioned earlier.

More than anything, I’m just surprised he didn’t throw a third behind-the-back — most likely the one where he doesn’t dribble — in there at the end. Maybe even Ricky Rubio thought that would be too flashy.

Standard: You know how everyone is always saying how Vince Carter is a clutch player who you can rely on to win games, even this late in his career? Well, last night he proved those people right, going for 13 points and three threes in the final seven minutes of the Mavs’ victory over the Bucks.

B-Unit: Andray Blatche and MarShon Brooks were both in double-figures off the bench in the Nets’ win over the Hornets. It’s the first time since February 20 that Brooklyn has had two bench players score at least 10 points in the same game.

Tippy tippy tay: When LeBron finds Dwyane Wade with a pass that’s so great, that’s Miami.

Udonis Haslem threw a stupid pass that even LeBron James couldn’t come down with, then Dwyane Wade botched the catch on LeBron’s tip pass and this still ended up as a highlight. Classic.

Hey man: After missing four games with a sprained ankle, Zach Randolph returned to the Grizzlies and led them in rebounding and was second in scoring (19 to Marc Gasol’s 20). They won.

Other things: Nice dunk from Eric Gordon last night, who somehow didn’t get injured on the play … Mike Conley has recorded a steal in 53 consecutive games, which is a lot … Last night’s win gave the Miami Heat 19 straight, tying them for the fourth-most consecutive wins ever … Here’s how loud the Air Canada Centre gets when the Raptors earn their fans free pizza … Dante Cunningham basically drives a semi truck