Ep. 945: The Ankle

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Kobe’s controversial ankle injury and whether it was a dirty play, the Heat’s 20-game winning streak, the Grizzlies’ lockdown defense, Lamar Odom, a lost scene from “Thunderstruck,” Serge Ibaka’s swollen eye, Westbrook sticking up for Durant, Hubie sticking up for Westbrook, the Nuggets’ air show, and the unfortunate “New York Kneeks.”

All that, plus we say goodbye to the 2012-13 Charlotte Bobcats. Rest in peace, sweet angels.


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  1. The Jones-Bryant play was just bad luck, that’s all, and all of the static that Jones is getting is a crock. If the roles were reversed, all anybody would be talking about is how Kobe was just being aggressive, how his intensity makes him great, and how it’s just an unfortunate accident.

    Kobe is an incredible talent and an otherworldly competitor, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t allowed to bust ass to try to defend him, even if bad luck is the result.

    • The extra step was too much. No need to step in to it: http://t.co/Pi99WoGBNJ

      • That is gif is pretty weak, doesn’t look dirty in the least bit. Frankly though lately this has been the lakers jones and this is another storyline so I get it.

      • He started the extra step before Kobe had even released the ball, what else are you supposed to do when defending a fadeaway jumper? He never looked down at Kobes feet, kept his body straight while jumping towards Kobes fade, and was turning his head to look for the rebound as Kobes legs came down (which where kicked out).

        • It wasn’t nothing, but I agree that Jones is getting way too much crap for this, that Kobe overreacted and that if the roles were reversed, nobody would be talking about this today. Put a loonie in the jar!

      • that gif makes it look more like he was trying to knee kobe in the nuts

    • Well put, Paul. However, in every accident, somebody has been negligent. Jones apparently meant to get in to Bryant’s space but, as he says, he did not mean to do him harm and certainly not significant injury. Bruce Bowen and Kobe Bryant have no more authority on the subject than you or I, just because one was guilty of similar instances in the past and another was the recipient in this case. Nobody other than Jones knows his intent, and so what he says should be taken at face value.

      Also, I’d be interested in a Kirk Goldsberry-like cartographical illustration of the distribution of this type of injury. Although not the case last night in Atlanta, I suspect it’s more likely to happen close to boundaries, and especially the sideline. If such a distribution was proven it’d be yet another reason to advocate the widening of the court.

    • Hey Paul,

      Rick Kamla as the Bulls@Warriors 1st half came to a close…

      “We’ll hear about how Kobe inspired (emphasis on “inspired”) the Lakers in Indiana…”

      Bryant’s line: 12 mins, 0-4 FG, 1 REB, 2 AST a foul and a turnover.

      Unbelievable. How about sitting his ass down and giving twelve more productive minutes to someone else?

  2. Winston Churchill wrote 43 books. Sorry Trey, but I side with Skeets in calling him an author.

  3. Maybe he should wear high-top shoes.

  4. Guys, would you *please* fix the player?
    Anytime I listen to the podcast from the PC the player stops every 5 minutes or so (Chrome or Firefox, doesn’t matter).

  5. I sure thought it was interesting that Bruce Bowen was calling another player in the NBA “dirty” (not that he would know anything about that…)

    • Tell me you also went out and in tribute and did something similar in recognition of Blake Griffin’s swollen cags following the Serge Ibaka dick punch incident.

  6. Dahntay did it for the Mavericks. Payback for D. George, L. Odom, and D. Fisher.

  7. Dwade does a special collapse move that prevents ankle injuries, kobe should take notes… and stop wearing those stupid low top anklebreakers

  8. I have no doubt that a million dirty plays happen in an NBA season, but to me that was not one of them. It just looks like he was trying to close on someone shooting a fadeaway and it was unfortunate. Everything doesn’t have to have an ulterior motive.

  9. Unrelated question. Was Chris Anderson ever cleared of the child pornography investigation?

    • Yep! Birdman was never even charged. From his Wiki (which Trey said is never wrong):

      On May 10, 2012, Denver NBC affiliate 9News reported that Andersen’s home was the target of an investigation of a suspected internet case by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Internet Crimes Against Children Unit.[16] Andersen was not charged with any crimes.[17] His lawyer said that Andersen was the victim of an extortion attempt, and that the case “had nothing to do with children”

  10. Is there ever going to be a usual segment on a thursday show after the game talk?

  11. Is it just me or is the possibility of “The Merge” podcast really exciting? I need a break down of Lil Hantz’s meltdown last night…or at least a Survivor themed pun gun. Lots of puns could be shot with Phillip Shepherd or Brandon Hantz methinks.

  12. everybody keeps forgetting to mention the Spurs’ streak last year, which stretched over 20 games as well. It was 10 games in the regular season carrying over into the post season, sweeping two series and winning two against the Thunder before losing 4 straight.
    Arguably a more impressive streak.

    It’s funny how once something happens in the playoffs it gets downplayed. Like career highs, I think you guys talked about something like that some weeks ago.

  13. On that little Bobcats freestyle session, can you believe Ramon Sessions is averaging a career high 14.4 ppg this season? He’s averaging 11 of the worst shots in human history per night, but he’s the most fun thing I’ve seen on the Cats this season.

  14. You talked long about the Kobe-Jones incident but forgot to mention the very similar Kobe-Rose incident from the 2000 Finals. 12 years later Jalen Rose actually admitted that he did it on purpose. Dahntay Jones will too, eventually.

    For this miss, you’re getting a Kate Dickie from me. Look it up.

  15. I wish someone would mention that Dahntay Jones apologized for his actions in 2009 today, but while talking about it the days after it happened (the tripping on May 25, 2009), he pled innocent then as well… basically saying, “I was just playing hard.” Sound familiar?

  16. on a side note, i thought you might enjoy the commentary by the Pacers’ Quinn Buckner on this block by Ian Mahinmi… apparently “smothering chickens” is something that gets Quinn really stoked ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=F4PvucHe1xM

  17. …there is an accomplished American author by the name Winston Churchill… he’s best known for his book “the Crisis”

  18. any chance kobe exaggerated this whole incident because it was a big shot and he missed it?
    i’m not a “hater” (you can’t call yourself a basketball fan and side with dahntay jones over kobe bryant) and it sure looked bad in slowmotion, but, as you said, kobe is so tough – i don’t think he goes down on the floor like that if he makes the shot.
    nba stars tend to use the old i-can’t-miss-so-it-was-a-foul thing quite often after missing clutch shots.
    i also kind of disagree with the whole “dirty” thing (as mentioned by you guys, i think “overaggressive” would be the right term). i think the fact that it was on a fadeaway dismisses the whole dirty argument, because that’s how you defend these shots.. you can’t just jump straight up and down, you go after the guy but make sure the leave enough space.. again, overaggressive.
    real bowen-like dirty play is to jump forward into a shooter going straight up and down.

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