I don’t know what any of this means — I think it has something to do with wanting to look like James Harden by growing a bee beard, only to find out that even James Harden occasionally gets chicks scooped by handsome/pretty Chandler Parsons or something like that — but I love it. A lot of it is helped by James Harden being one of the NBA’s most naturally manga’d players but even more of it is helped by just being crazy. Go Rokets, I guess.

(via Ball in Europe)

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  1. Great stuff. The bizarrre long-face Harden and Chandler Parsons’s thumbs up face are hilarious.

  2. Hahaha this is hilarious!

    I can read Japanese, so if you want to know what it says.. in the bottom one, Harden is asking the handsome Parsons to introduce him to some girls because they like him. Then he’s like, “if it’s money you want, I make about 7 billion yen over 5 years!” lol

    but then the girls run away with handsome Chandler because they think Harden and his beard are “scary,” leaving Harden saying stuff about maybe he should shave his beard haha.
    Thanks for the post!

  3. All Japanese All-Star votes are belong to Chandler Parsons!

  4. I personally love how Harden’s jersey in the top frame says “ROKETS,” clearly there wasn’t enough space for the “C” too.

  5. The kid in the top frame is saying that Harden’s beard is really just made out of bees…which is not true. It is made out of doodle bugs.

    And yes Kevin Durant, that is Doodle Bugs, not Doo Doo Bugs.

  6. so perfect that Handsome Chandler Parsons is in that.
    can we just officially call him that btw,

    “Handsome Chandler Parsons”?

    If my head is a good example at all than it’s stuck in every TBJ soldier’s head anyway, might as well lock it in, eh? (also, it’s a way cooler nickname than “Talcott” since no one cares about structural functionalism anymore)

    • Youre late to the party, thats what TBJ’s been calling him

      • no shit… that’s why I ask for a lock-in! this needs to become a TBJ-fueled movement, I want the TBJ-nickname to spread to but for this to happen I want trey to #lockitin and not tinker around with “handsome/pretty” or sth.

  7. Any chance to see “Handsome Chandler” do his thing ill take it

  8. Good Lord, he’s handsome even in manga form

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  10. The dude behind Harden’s right shoulder in the title frame is supposed to be Lin ( it says “Jeremy” ).

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