Or at least that is the only logical thing to assume from all these pictures of them vibing at Stephen Jackson’s headlining performance at Matt Bonner’s SXSW showcase, both of which are actual things that really happened yesterday. Though, I suppose, it is possible that Matt Bonner, DeJuan Blair and Gary Neal were there for emotional support. But judging by Bonner’s mean mug, I’m guessing that’s not the case.

I mean, look at how great of a hypeman Gary Neal is.



As you can see, the biggest thing Gary Neal brings to this posse is a killer knack for accessorizing.


First some red sunglasses, then a white headband — he’s like the Phantom of the Opera mask guy from the St. Lunatics, which is a pretty significant accomplishment. No wonder he’s Stephen Jackson’s favorite even though he sometimes gets bored and has to check his phone.


I get it. Tweeting is fun and so is Instagramming pictures of doing fun things. Just ask Matt Bonner.


Sometimes you just have to take a picture when you’re on stage at a rap show. We’ve all been there.

At least DeJuan Blair had the good sense to play it cool and look tough.


Oh, come on. Haven’t any of these guys heard that rap crews aren’t supposed to smile? I thought that was rule No. 3 after “Repeat the second half of every line of the song” and “Grab your nuts most of the time.” It seems rap crew-ing isn’t yet part of “The System,” though I imagine Gregg Popovich could whip something up in a snap.

No video on the show is available yet, but if you see something let me know. Until then, just let your mind take you to a place where Matt Bonner performs at rap shows with Stephen Jackson. Then snap out of it because that place is real and it’s amazing.

(images via Beyond the Buzzer)