Ballin: There aren’t too many times this season that Roy Hibbert has had a good offensive game, so shoutout to him scoring a season-high 27 points on 10-15 shooting last night, which is just his third game this year with 20 or more points. Hibbertydibberty also added 12 rebounds, four blocks and a sterling personality in the Pacers’ win over the Timberwolves.

Not so much: I wouldn’t say it was all Marco Belinelli’s fault that the Bulls lost by 42 to the Sacramento Kings, but he did go 0-9 from field in 23 minutes of play. So maybe not all of the blame but definitely some of the blame.

Uh oh: Well, the absolute worst possible thing that could happen to the Lakers happened to the Lakers.

Kobe is pretty mad about the whole thing, Dahntay Jones says it wasn’t on purpose, the Lakers say he’s “out indefinitely” and I guess it’s time to see if Steve Nash really could be a great scorer if he needed to be because he does need to be. Yikes.

Bright side: All was not lost for the Lakers, however, as the Thunder destroyed the Jazz, keeping L.A. a half-game up on Utah for the eighth seed in the Western Conference.

Also uh oh: Last night was a really bad one for knees.

Up top you have Tyson Chandler leaving the game after banging knees with Corey Brewer, and the bottom video is a bunch of Nuggets fans chanting “Where is Melo?” after Carmelo Anthony had to leave the game with stiffness in his fluid-y right knee. If you’re scoring at home, that means the three highest-paid players on the Knicks’ payroll are out with knee injuries, even though Tyson Chandler’s doesn’t appear to be too serious. Joints are the worst.

Get it together: It’s a good thing the Bucks have an 8-game lead in the “race” for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference because last night’s loss to the Wizards was the Bucks’ second straight to a team with a sub-.500 record.

The Damaja: This is about the most dunked on you’ll ever see LeBron James.

Unfortunately for the Sixers, the Heat scored the game’s next five points to take home their 20th consecutive victory, becoming just the fourth team in NBA history to reach such a number.

Handled: The NBA’s two foremost “-stons” took care of bidness last night as the Hou-ston Rockets beat the Phoenix Suns by 30 and the Bo-ston Celtics beat the Toronto Raptors by 24. Just too bad the Pi-stons lost to the Warriors, otherwise this could have been a legendary night.

Secrets: If it wasn’t for the Heat and their 20-game win streak or the Nuggets and their 10-game win streak, people would probably be more excited about the Grizzlies taking down the Clippers to take home their 14th win in 15 games while moving in to sole possession of third place in the Western Conference.

Other things: Donatas Motiejunas had a career-high 19 points last night and a career-best pass, so maybe you should learn how to pronounce his name … Al Horford just reaffirmed the notion that Antawn Jamison isn’t much of a rim protector … Before his ankle died, Kobe Bryant did something that was pretty cool … Last night saw Chris Paul and Tayshaun Prince both score their 10,000 career points and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce move up to 15th and 20th, respectively, on the all-time scoring list … Sometimes boxing out JaVale McGee isn’t enough

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  1. I think it’s funny that ESPN was asking Bruce Bowen if he thought that the Dahntey Jones play was dirty. Youtube Bruce Bowen or ask Vince Carter. Bowen is the one that patented that move.

  2. I’m always going to refer to him as HibbertyDibberty now

  3. If the Pi-stons did handle the Warriors, joining Hou-ston and Bo-ston in victory, it would have been that much more “-ston”-ning.

    That’s a pun on the word stun, so one could say it’s “-ston”-gun time, which would then result in a pun targeted at the pun-gun itself. Something to think about.

  4. That Motiejunas pass is mad traveling. I hate to be ‘traveling guy’, but I’m also a Warriors fan, and fuck the Rockets and James Harden’s patented, “Just roll into a guy and throw the ball away” move.

  5. Are you shitting me. Kobe stepped back, defender stepped forward. It was all in the play. Jesus this is an overreaction and disappointed at the comments on the Cast. What exactly are you watching; the “super slow” replay. Give it a break.

    Site some examples of Jordan saying in 12 months I will kill this guy. He didn’t do it through the media, he actually did it “with his mouth shut”. Another example of Kobe pretending to be what he thinks Jordan was. Complete rubbish.

    Last comment: Who was Jordon’s Pippen once Jordan left? The history tells the story, twice. No one. Pippen didn’t defer to anyone but Jordan. There is a reason for that. Pippen playing for Kobe, are you guys serious???? Really, marbles missing, don’t rewrite history with ignorance.

    Last, last comment. Please show a picture of Leigh and Gavin Wanganeen, WTF!!! Wanganeen is an indigenous Australian, Leigh IS NOT. How pissed was that girl who made the connection, seriously (and please) google these pictures.

    Enjoying the show. Actually love the show. Great stuff.

  6. ^^^ that is a great comment! agree with much of it but just appreciate the candor and especially the love at the end. that is how you leave keep it constructive!

    To add some substance, albeit very light substance, love this blog and ‘things of note’ especially.

    Funny how big the pierce/kg milestones were in boston, whereas they share half of a fifth of the final note in this post.

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