Still only the second most memorable bit of J.J. Redick trash talk that I’m aware of, but still nice work by the Wizards fans. Another 6,000 of these and they might be thinking playoffs.

(via PBT)

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  1. I was at that game. For the record we were chanting J.J. sucks.

  2. Oh, and the extra enthusiasm came from the free chick fil a sandwich that was on the line if an opposing player missed two free throws in a row in the 4th quarter

  3. I have been to many Wizards games this year, and yes it has mostly to do with free Chick-fil-a whenever the crowd gets excited, I have never even gotten my free sandwich, but when I saw this that is the first thing I thought.

  4. Don’t forget the Duck Fuke angle. Terps fans HATE Duke (who doesn’t, I guess), and a large percent of the Wiz fanbase probably cheers for UMD basketball as well. Way to represent, Verizon Center!

  5. Oh yeah, its definitely a combination of both. J.J. was getting heckled the entire game (because he went to duke and everyone in this area including me hates him) and a couple times was yelling back at specific fans. Im just saying the free sandwich thing made people go even crazier. I’ve been to 6 wizards games this year(surprisingly all wins) and have gotten my free sandwich once. I think you have a week to get it from a local chick fil a and if you have your ticket, they know whats up.

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