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On today’s Overdose, The Jones are joined, in studio, by Grantland’s Zach Lowe to discuss the Heat’s 20-game winning streak, the Kobe controversy, Derrick Rose’s potential return, whether Andrea Bargnani will (and should) ever play in a Raptors uniform again, John Wall’s contract, a March Madness-like Summer League, and Raymond Felton’s “sweet” return to Portland.

All that, plus more bowling, Russell Westbrook’s fedora, Pun-Gun, and the greatest “Tweet of the Weak” Army shout-out roll call in Jones history. (Sorry, Leigh.)


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  1. This one is gold!

  2. Tweet of the Weak? Week?

  3. Anyone else initially think the opening song said “If I love you today will you photo tag me?”

  4. Zach Lowe’s voice sounds similar to H. Jon Benjamin. It was like Archer was jumping in every now and then to give us NBA analysis. Awesome.

    • definitely see what you mean. if zach would just talk a little bit slower, with a slightly lower voice (and more about danger zones) it would be perfect. unless the actual h. jon benjamin showed up, which doesn’t seem impossible. now that would be *don’t say it, I swear to god!* amaaaaziiiiing!

      • Yes!

        In future if Zach comes on the show (i.e the next time he visits the in laws) could we please refer to The Score studio as “the danger zone”.

        Zach’s Grantland pic even looks a little like Archer.

  5. After reading the description I skipped straight to the Tweet of the Week shout-outs…

    JD, your kids are the greatest!

  6. Question about 3 pointers from the corner: Are they so effective because they’re a slightly shorter distance (23’9″ vs 22′) or is it because players rarely shoot corner 3s off the dribble, and shooting off the dribble is generally more difficult/better defended than catch shoot and shoot?

  7. TOTW shout outs were the best

  8. Didn’t Russell win Wanker of the Week for his cat-like interview with Craig Sager? “If that’s what you say, brah.”

  9. i always wondered about you blogger types’ ability to ball. you guys need to play pick up hoops and film it.

  10. The difference between the Love & Rose situations was that Love came back before his estimated recovery time window. The real talk about Rose coming back began when he was well into his.

  11. What would you call him if he were an annoying neighbor?

    Larry Flanders

  12. Bob’s Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurger!

  13. Oh my god, those shout-outs. That one was gold!

  14. Big fan of Grantland and Zach Lowe and massive fan of the Jones. Great episode!

  15. Wow, Zach Lowe, the Jones’ are movin’ on up!

    A thought occurs, after watching Duncan beast all over the Mavs last night, perhaps we should start calling him Lord Duncan… Old, Wise, and infinitely powerful, like a freaking Sith Lord.

    It has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

  16. Kids are the funniest. That was amazing.

  17. damn that was an amazing shout outs.

  18. “Nonynous Knob”

  19. if yr ever stuck in a cave and need a 7-footer’s helping hand: canary sanders.

    the kids were amazing! great show guys, as always. cool to have a guest too! and zach lowe is an especially special guest.

  20. It was finally worth earing tweet of the weak all this time, just to listen to those shout-outs. It left me in tears…

  21. Where is the hamburger drop from? It’s been racking my brain since I first heard it… it’s so awesome..

  22. JD’s kids should always read shoutouts. Sorry Leigh, you’ve been replaced.


    Keep it up TBJ! You guys are killin it!

  24. Trey Kerby’s “HAIRY HANDERS” was the most unappreciated pun of the history of this show!
    …reminded me of “Kentucky Fried Chicken Movie”!

  25. What’s Zach’s favorite sports? Zach Bowes! *pew pew*

  26. That was the most epic roll call ever! Classic TBJ podcast moment!

  27. Shoutouts were untouchable!

    Loved the Russel Westbrook hat story too, reminded me of Bartholomew Cubbins.

  28. Selby was Co-MVP with Damian Lillard. Considering how everyone wasn’t convinced that Lillard would actually be as good as he already is outside of David Thorpe it seems like summer league can be a good platform to evaluate talent from time to time.

  29. What a fun time. Zach should collab with the Jones more often.

  30. more zack lowe, get him on the payroll

  31. Is Melo afraid of needles or just knee-dles?

  32. Pull a Constanza and walk away from the shout outs on that high note.

  33. Awesome show guys. I came here via Grantland and very glad I did, lots of great insight.

    Question about the Rondo/Westbrook comparison: Does Rondo really do stuff like that? I understand that Rondo is seen as a sort of enigma, but does he really pull d-bag shit like that?

  34. Amazing dose dudes!

  35. Couple of weeks ago, eh? Makes my call prehistoric by comparison…

    blogs.thescore.com/tbj/2013/02/11/ep-926-mid-career-form/ (bottom comment)

    Standings at the time…
    7th. Jazz – 28:24
    8th. Rockets – 28:25
    9th. Trailblazers – 25:26
    10th. Lakers – 24:28

  36. For the Jazz PG situation, Lowe said there are no UFAs this year. What about Jarrett Jack? He has played fabulous this year, and could absolutely be a starter in the league. Would a 4yrs/$25-30 mil be a bad deal? Seems like he would be a good veteran influence on all the young guys, and his penetrating ability is sorely needed for the Jazz.

    • Yes, it would be a bad deal. He’s in a near perfect situation in GS this season, in that he has to score a bit and provide the impetus for the second unit. But he’s not a starter, and not a set-up man with the obvious corollary that he shoots too much at inopportune moments. I’ve witness him take enough quick, unnecessary long jumpers to significantly shorten any coach’s life. Six-plus million (proposed minimum) per annum for any back-up is a bit much for any team I could wish to manage, regardless of the player’s reputation for congeniality.

  37. If the Bucks’ center tries to get people to like him, Larry Panders

    His brutal honesty? Larry’s Candor

    Which Buck player is the best? Larry’s Grander

  38. 1. Is it only me that hears in the intro song ‘If I love you too Tas, will you go to tag me’?

    2. Why is the zone distributed unequally, when he’s defending? Because he Larry Manders.

  39. I love me some Aussie accent for TOTW, but this was by far the best shout out in TBJ history.

  40. Great podcast, Lowe was cool.

    Don’t think Wall deserves the max but in March he’s been averaging: 19.9 ppg, 7.6 apg, 4.5 rpg, 2.0 spg, 0.9 bpg, 51.3 fg%, 50.0 3fg%, 86.5 ft%.

    Also had 17/5/11 tonight.

  41. Was Zach laughing during the shootouts? I couldn’t tell if he was or if he was sitting there wondering what the hell was going on as Trey and Tas died.
    Great episode, good to have Zach on too.

  42. This episode was def a beckinsale

  43. NBA Top 10 today.
    #2. Announcer starts with ‘Is Russel Westbrook…’ and I was 100% certain that he would finish the sentence with ‘.. a dog or a cat?’
    Alas, he finished it with ‘… turbo charged?’
    Which animal is more turbo charged?

  44. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a final Rose Adidas commercial titled “Doubt”.

    With the season’s end looming and the team crashing without him, Rose is called upon by a frantic fanbase to save the year. But how can he step onto the court when he has doubts about his knee? Questions are asked, internal dialogs are dialoged, and in the end he must rely on the advice of one man – a mentor, a confidante, a zen master…

    Cue inspirational music, Phil Jackson voice over, silhouette of Rose walking in slow motion from the dressing room to the floor, the crowd”s roar getting louder, a rising heartbeat…

    Can’t think of a better advertisement to kick off his first game back.

    Or am I just being overly cynical about why this is taking so long?

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