Ballin: Tim Duncan Operating System 17.6.8 went for 28 points and 19 rebounds in the Spurs’ win over the Mavericks. This is the part where I have to mention that he “looked spry,” which is now part of the official Talking About Tim Duncan instructional manual.

Not so much: Thanks to knee injuries to every player who’s name your dad knows, the New York Knicks were forced to start a lineup of Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert, Chris Copeland, Kurt Thomas and Kenyon Martin during an officially sanctioned regular season NBA game. You will never believe this, but they lost.

Secret footage: Perhaps the most amazing thing about Tim Duncan’s night is that cameras actually caught him smiling.

There was also a slow-mo clip of Tim doing some sort of flippity-hand thing later while he was smiling on the bench. Why so not serious, Tim?

Huh?: Dirk Nowitzki was 3-5 in the fourth quarter last night, had just hit a contested 16-footer and is Dirk Nowitzki, so of course it makes sense that he wouldn’t touch the ball down by one on the final possession of the game.

Cuppycakes: Here’s how Portland fans welcomed Raymond Felton in his return to the Rose Garden.

Remember when Raybird said he was going to drop 50 on the Blazers when he came back? He ended up pretty close, going 4-12 for 11 points in the Knicks’ loss. He did flash a devious smile, however, after he made his first shot. Kind of all downhill from there though.

Other things: Shocking that Mike James crossed over Manu Ginobili this bad, not shocking that that Mike Jamest finished the play by taking a shot … Brandon Knight has had a pretty rough season, as this video chock-full of lowlights easily proves … Bill Walton did a college game last night and just totally killed it … So not on board with the Comedy Shaq Network but very much on board with using Shaq’s white suit as something to broadcast jokes on … Mario Chalmers doesn’t suffer fools