One year ago today, Andray Blatche played his last game for the Washington Wizards, which means that a year minus a day ago Blatche had almost eaten himself out of the NBA. Now he’s a valuable member of a playoff team and 13th in the entire league in PER, ahead of All-Star big men Chris Bosh, LaMarcus Aldridge and Tyson Chandler. It’s as weird to read that as to type it, I’m sure.

In obviously related news, Blatche is in a contract year. And when that next contract offer comes around in the summer, rather than enjoying the fruits of his best professional season and all the spoils that may entail, Blatche is going to use free agency to stick it to the team who deemed him too fat to play NBA basketball. From the New York Daily News:

Typically 7-footers in their prime are in high demand, and historically they get paid more than anybody expects. But here’s why Blatche cares less about money in his next contract: he’s still getting paid by the Wizards through the 2014-15 season because he was waived via the amnesty clause. So, according to the rules of the CBA, most of the money he earns through then on his next contract will go to Washington, the team he feels abandoned him last season.

Blatche even said that gives him incentive to take less money.

“If I get a lot (in my next contract), yeah, it’s going to take pressure off the Wizards,” he said. “But that’s why I’m not going to do that.”

And this, Wizards fans, is exactly why Andray Blatche told Washington he’d “be here forever lol.” Because even after two straight winning months, the end of the Knucklehead Era and with a top five defense in tow, they’re still going to be paying Andray Blatche millions of dollars to play good basketball for another team. To put it in his words, he truly could have the last lol.

(via Bullets Forever/The Brooklyn Game)

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  1. Best. Ending. Ever.

  2. I had the high honor of playing with andray in a sectional all-star league. He was such a dick then and clearly he is still is now. If he cared more about basketball than he did himself. He could’ve been a monster in the NBA.

  3. Hahahahahahaha!!!!


  5. that would have been awesome if blatche would have been a wizard forever

  6. he got offended with the amnesty, sure he’s a “dick” back then (what you said), but he deserves something good too right?

  7. that PER thing seems off – tim duncan has a PER of 24.3 but isn’t listed in that search result. neither is manu ginobili @ 20.4.

  8. I don’t know how it works now Brooklyn has picked him up. But I thought the team that bid the most gets the player. So in his case, Brooklyn bid 1.1 million to get him.

    But let’s take this example.

    Miami amnesties Lebron James who is supposed to make 19 million in the next season. You can imagine, people are going to bid anything, probably close to the full amount to get Lebron on their team. So Miami ends up paying barely anything.

    In the case of Blatche, a bit less desireable but still a good player who can help you out. I can see the Wizards don’t have to pay a whole lot. I don’t know the specfici rules, I’m not going to look them up.

    I guess he can sign with any team he wants at any prive and let the Wizards pay. Good for him.

    • Damn I was typing too fast. Sorry for the errors.

    • Teams are allowed to bid on you like Scola from da rockets to the suns. You can also tell teams not to bid on you like what Chauncey did after the Knicks amniestied him. Or you can even lobby for a team to bid on you like Elton brand did. But no1 bid on blatche which made him a free agent and he chose to sign with the nets over the heat for a fresh start. But him signing with the nets for two more years a a vet minimum would make the wiz pay him top dollar while not playing for them and at the same time allow him to get bird rights for the nets so that when he is a free agent and the wiz don’t have to pay him anymore he could get what’re amount he wants for the nets even if they’re over the hard cap. Smart move by blatche and his agent

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