Look, I’m as skeptical as you guys are that blowing out your ACL and then having it repaired can make a 24-year-old any taller. But after what happened to Paul George, we have to at least consider the possibility. And since the “report” is coming from noted sideline bro Ric Bucher, it carries a little more weight.

It seems unlikely for someone to grow in height at 24, but I’d swear he’s gone from 6’3″ to 6’4″. I’m the former and we were eye level the last time I spoke to him.

I’ve always said the best way to measure a player’s height is by looking them in the eye, then using that discrepancy to decide how tall they are. There is no more reliable measuring stick for height, except for maybe a measuring stick. So yeah, I guess this is incontrovertible proof that Derrick Rose has grown since having his knee repaired. I mean, it’s not like Ric Bucher, born in 1961, could have shrunk a single inch as he ages. That sort of thing never happens.