Ep. 947: The Heel Lock

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for: the Heat’s 22-game winning streak, Spencer Hawes, the Lakers (sans Kobe), Monta Ellis’ huge fourth quarter, and the new NBA.com voiceover guy. Thumbs down for: the Grizzlies, the pathetic race for the Eastern Conference’s No. 2 seed, and George Hill’s frustrated comments.

All that, plus GSP, NYC restaurants, the O’Malley shot, and a heel lock.


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  1. Deff thought that was a penis at first

  2. thought this was a beckinsale for sure. loved the ‘tudes today and the no-lose heel lock. bravo.

  3. Steve Nash being a Vitamin Water sponsor is pretty interesting, considering his insane diet regimen and how Vitamin Water is basically sugar water.

  4. Long time fan here:

    John Wall’s stats over the past couple of games: 26, 11 and 6, 3 to’s on 59% shooting and 80% from 3

    This matches the eye test where he’s simply controlled the pace a la Chris Paul, used every gear to get to the rim, and his presence has significantly improved the play of journeyman such as martell webster and trevor ariza, whose on/off shooting splits show a ridiciulous benefit from Wall’s presence.

    When you dig in to his numbers and compare them to the much more lauded Kyrie, it becomes clear that although Wall has never approached the personal efficiency of Irving, he has had a significantly larger impact on his teams efficiency as a whole.

    Just wanted to point out a potential missed ‘winner’ on today’s show, and i think after a quick review of Wall’s numbers and especially after watching him play, the confidence and look of his jumper, his newfound ability to switch gears in the half court all point to a player that may have turned the corner.

    Absolutely love your guys’ work!

    • Agreed with the Kyrie comment. Wall has had a far greater impact on his team than Kyrie, just look at their respective records:

      Wizards without Wall: 5-28
      Wizards with Wall: 18-14 (top 4 team in the East!)

      Cavs with Kyrie: 17-30
      Cavs without Kyrie: 5-12

      The Cavs are basically the same team with Kyrie, while Wiz are obviously much better. I wish this would get more press.

      • Here’s the percentages to make my point better:

        Cavaliers without Kyrie: 30% WP
        Cavaliers with Kyrie: 36% WP

        Wizards without Wall: 15% WP
        Wizards with Wall: 56% WP

        The Kyrie difference: 6%
        The Wall difference: 41%

        How many players make their team 41% better?

        Okay, I’m done but you better mention him next time :X Love the show as always :]

        • I would be interested to see what these numbers would look like if Wall were on the Cavs and Kyrie were on the Wizards. The Wizards were a solid defensive team without Wall that couldn’t execute their offense without Wall driving the car. The Cavs are a terrible defensive team with a few offensive weapons. Without Kyrie, they can still score. This might explain the large difference in percentage.

          Basically, it isn’t unexpected that adding an offensive point guard to a team that has good defense/bad offense would improve that team more than adding a offensive point guard to a team that has bad defense/good offense. Wizards needed offense, so Wall has a bigger impact. Cavs need defense, and Kyrie can’t play that game yet.

          I’m not saying Kyrie is a better point guard than Wall. It’s way too early to tell which of these guys is better. I’m just saying that those %s don’t necessary mean that Wall makes his team better than Kyrie makes his.

  5. How did you not call this episode “One Piece Dress”?


  7. Hill probably got frustrated from the snowball effect of the entire season as a whole and not just the laker game about the fan support of the team. Its pretty sad because college basketball teams will get so much support in Indiana even when they have a terrible season but the Pacers struggle to even get a decent amount of attendance for a team that is 2nd in east, on the rise for next couple of years and have a potential superstar in the future on the roster. There are so many other cities that would love to have this type of team and appreciate them way more.

  8. seriously i need further explanation on that heel lock thing.. i couldn’t really see what tas was doing there

  9. Here’s the same announcer doing the recap for the Wiz Suns game:


    Also, why wasn’t there a shout out to the Wiz or at least John Wall?

    The Wizards have won 4 of their last 5, and John’s averages over the last 4 games have been unprecedented:

    “Wall averaged 24 points, 11 assists, five rebounds and 2.5 steals, while shooting 61.7 percent from the field (37 for 60), 80 percent from three-point range (4 for 5) and 85.7 percent from the free throw line (18 for 21).”

    No other NBA player has done that before, and he doesn’t even get his name mentioned. For shame guys, for shame :(

    Besides that, good show. Was a shame didn’t get to see Tassy tie his shoes.

  10. That heel lock is NO JOKE! I had a running shoe expert (at a running shoe store) teach me this and it has changed my life. A very, very small part of my life, but still…it no longer feels like my heel is going to slide out the back of my shoe, even if I purchase low-backed shoes. And the shoes with the higher back rub on my achilles, so…I think you can see the benefit here. Big ups to the shoe lock!

  11. I’m only halfway through this episode, but if this isn’t a Beckinsale, I’m denouncing the Kate Scale. Nothing in this TBJ season has been more fun and sexy than that Heel Lock Walk-through.

  12. best show of the season

  13. You say that many people will probably not be able to tell you that the lakers had the longest streak that year, but how many people can tell you who won the championship that same year? I was aware that the lakers had that long streak but I did not know for sure that they also won the championship that year. Its also hard to say who won championships in specific years during the 70′s as well since I wasnt even alive during that time. So maybe it is true that getting a really long winning streak would be more memorable than winning a championship.

  14. Give John Wall a max contract already, his speed and passing skills are unbelieveable. The guy makes Ariza and Booker look like decent NBA players, pay tthat man his money!

    • Well, as a Wiz fan, this has been the most exciting 4 game stretch since… well, I can’t think of a better one. Even the Gil era wasn’t this awesome. To see a young talent like John Wall consistently play like a superstar… and at the same time actually winning games and having a good team that will last for many years to come…

      I have to caution myself and other Wiz fans I know, though, because it IS only 4 games. It seems like the improvements he’s made are permanent, with his new found understanding of pace and the ability shoot a consistent jumper, but I really don’t know if he’s worth max money yet. Let’s see how he handles this 4 game road trip; that’ll be a real test, considering the Wiz are 5-25 on the road. Yikes.

  15. hey what was the original intro song used for tbj before joining the score. I dont know why it popped in my head but its bugging me.

  16. I’m pretty sure Tas stole that ‘playing better because he just had a baby and is feeling protective’ from an episode of Coach where Coach’s wife uses similar logic to predict football games.

  17. Can we get a video clip of the heel lock?

  18. Here comes the tree here comes the bunny never fails

  19. I see you sticking to the slimming hues. Let’s see some orange, big man.

  20. one of the better episodes in years

  21. “Oh my God” by Leigh… Hilarious!!!! Casual sport fan must make it a drop…

  22. Shoegate, and more importantly, Marc Gasol’s method of shoe-tying, for anyone interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sGOUgYGIy0

  23. One of the best episodes.

  24. Tas sounds more like Christain Bale’s Batman. Perfectly executed.

  25. That was a good show

  26. This was a great show. I watched the heel lock part six or seven times.

  27. The nba.com commentary guy sounds like Van Earl Wright, who used to do sports on CNN. You guys in Canuckistan might not have had a chance to hear him back in the day.

    +1 on the heel lock, I found it in a Runner’s World article yrs ago, and it did help with at least one pair of New Balance I had. I knew exactly what Tas was talking about re wide forefoot, narrow heel.

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