Ballin: Monta Ellis, who has it all, was just 5-12 for 14 points through the first three quarters of the Bucks’ matchup with the Magic. In the fourth quarter alone, however, Montassori went for 25 points on 8-10 shooting including a shocking 5-5 from three during a season in which he was shooting an abysmal 24.1 percent from three up to that point. Those five makes raised Ellis’ three point percentage to 25.8, which is still worse than Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Tim Duncan but wow.

Not so much: Oh cool, J.R. Smith led the Knicks in scoring with 17 points, which is exactly what New York needs with Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler out with the worst collection of mysterious knee injuries since Greg Oden had legs. Oh not cool, he only went 4-20 from the field, turned the ball over three times and had his shot blocked another three times. Vintage J.R.

Sprechen ze: If you were wondering what a 25-point fourth quarter looks like, this is it.

Because I pretty much only remember Brandon Jennings’ 20-point third against the Bulls earlier this season, I wonder if the Bucks lead the league in quarters where one player scores 20 or more points. As with most things offensive, it’s probably the Heat or Thunder who lead the league in this, but maybe it’s the Bucks? Someone look this up. (I’m too busy writing this sentence. Thanks.)

And then: Since I mentioned the Heat, I should probably mention that said Heat beat the Raptors yesterday, tying the 2007-08 Rockets for second all-time with a 22-game winning streak. They travel to Boston tonight trying to take sole control of second place against the team that snapped the Rockets’ streak five years ago to the day because the NBA is seriously a television show sometimes.

Oops: Here is Dwight Howard catching alley-oops on back-to-back possessions with a rebound stuck between for good measure.

Those three consecutive possessions might be the healthiest Dwight has looked all season, which is pretty timely considering Kobe Bryant played a grand total of 12 scoreless minutes of basketball during a weekend where the Lakers went 2-0 and moved a full game ahead of the Jazz for eighth in the Western Conference.

Weird: Earlier this season, the Rockets beat the Warriors by 31 points, so I guess it’s Even Stevens after the Warriors beat the Rockets by 30 last night.

Relax: Why does Russell Westbrook have to be so mean to the rim?

Ease up, man. The rim never did anything to you.

Lasties: The Hawks beat the Nets in Brooklyn, but that didn’t really change the Eastern Conference playoff picture. The Minnesota Timberwolves beat the New Orleans Hornets, which REALLY didn’t change the Western Conference playoff picture.

Other things: Larry “Hairy Handers” Sanders has been fined for complaining about referees who may or may not like the Heat … Blake Griffin has very good arm extension skills … Chandler Parsons and Mark Jackson are going to throw down … Nice D, Derek Fisher … Steve Nash is all up in your bar mitzvah