I kind of hate that Chris Bosh being weird in other people’s interviews is a thing the Heat broadcasters are aware of — because there are few things more painful than hearing Jason Jackson cackling about “videobombs” this and “bombs” that — but Chris Bosh being weird in other people’s interviews is still really great. I mean, have you ever seen anyone go with a fake punch to a teammate’s face? Doubtful, but I think we’re all glad it happened.

Plus, even when other people bite his bit, Bosh still manages to steal the show.

People might tell you that Chris Bosh vibing after LeBron James steals Bosh’s Chapelle robot moves is the funniest part of this Friday night role reversal, but that’s not true. Because really, it’s that “ice cold” pun Bosh makes at the :50 mark — and the subsequent fourth wall-breaking camera stare — that steals the show. What a weird, hilarious guy.

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  1. If it means that we get more Chris Bosh video bombs, the Miami Heat can keep winning for all I care.

  2. I was hoping someone else caught the “Ice cold” bit!!! I love that he has fun.

  3. Chris Bosh is weeeeiiiiirrrrddd

  4. I hardly keep up with heat news, but yeah, the amount of time the commentators spend talking about video bombing is VERY annoying…
    That said, Bosh kills it and from that line he’s looking good too… I would like to see Norris Cole get in on it, there’s lots of high top fade moves that could look sweet…

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