Ep. 948: Streaks, Tips, Knees

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss LeBron’s fourth quarter (and ridiculous dunk on JET), Jeff Green’s impressive 43-point night, the Nuggets-Bulls questionable officiating, tip-ins and whether the NBA should ditch the offensive interference call, and Andrew Bynum’s season-beginning/ending surgery.

All that, plus overlooked NBA storylines, day basketball, a birthday shout-out, and which NBA player would make the best crossing guard.



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  1. Mail q’s on the show tomorrow?

  2. I thought Jason Terry was knighted by LeBron because he is King James. The Brandon Knight connection makes more sense.

  3. Sunk cost theory seems applicable to Trey’s frontal region.

  4. i thought the ball CAN touch the rim and you can touch it if it’s “coming off” just like a rebound, so i thought the koufus’ call was fine…?

  5. Something that has been bugging me after reading/hearing recaps of the DEN/CHI game last night: there were THREE questionable call/non-calls for goaltending at the end. The play immediately after Koufos’ tip-in was a Noah tip-in that looked very similar. That one was not called either. Even the guys on the Bulls recap show talked about whether or not that play (Noah’s first tip-in) was goaltending.

  6. I’m not defending the tech, but if you watch the replay, James makes the slightest step towards Terry on the ground after the dunk. That was the T. You can argue he should have went back on D, as opposed to stepping towards Terry on the floor.

    Just /playing devils advocate.

    Horrible call.

    • Thats because he clearly watches the show and knew he was supposed to step over Terry but it would have been too blatant that he was doing it on purpose and copying the knight dunk. Just like when he started shimmying a bit when Durant got big.

    • Only 20% of bettors took Boston, Celtics were either winning SU or covering the 5.5

      Vegas wins again, lol thanks Scott Foster

    • To be fair, they also had a horrible make-up non-call on some rim-hanging later on to even things out. That’s how officiating works, I guess. JaVale McGee can’t celebrate a messed-up triple double a couple years back, but more important players to the league can just hang on the rim forever and glare at people.

  7. Bracket Tourney group is full. Anyway to allow more members so I can win some TBJ socks?

  8. I like TBJ because you guys avoid conjuring up confrontation/debate just for its own sake (a la ESPN’s First Take. You even parody that type of programming with “Crossfire.”)

    But, at some point, it’s ok to let the gloves come off a little and disagree. Skeets has been, in my opinion, lazily dismissive of the Nuggets all year. “Who’s going to hit the big shot down the stretch?” has been the refrain of passive observers of this team for 2 years now, and Skeets is better than that. By the way, the Nuggets HAVE been hitting the big shots down the stretch, which has allowed them to knock off teams like OKC, Memphis, and Chicago amidst this 12 game winning streak.

    Tas, on the other hand, I think understands that this Denver team has at least a snowball’s chance of coming out of the 2nd round. Why let Trey and Skeets derail today’s discussion on Bulls/Nuggets into a treatise on goaltending? The TBJ guys all know enough about hoops to make compelling arguments, let’s hear some. I know you want to avoid the show turning into 45 minutes of obnoxious sports radio personalities yelling over each other, and your fans appreciate that, but the occasional, earnest debate would enhance the show, as I see it.

    Thanks as always.

  9. Yeah… the group is full. I want some TBJ socks!!! let us in there

  10. I HAVE AN UNCLE JEFF TOO!!!!! He probably couldn’t drop 43 on the Heat though…

  11. Group is full…

  12. Wasnt the battier block on green supposed to be a jump ball? Ive seen those kind of blocks before where the defender’s hand is on the ball for a while and then the call is a jump ball.

  13. hejjjj so… here’s the inevitable archer zing sound matt!

  14. Typical Antoni, got no d and only runs seven deep.

  15. Standing over a guy and looking down at him is a TAUNT. That is considered TAUNTING by the letter of the rule. Why is this so hard to understand?

  16. worst crossing guard? Probably Chris “Birdman” Andersen.

  17. Tas’s victory dancing is incredible

  18. Hey Tas, you probably don’t really care, but it’s a 35-second shot clock in college hoops, not 30…

  19. I know my kids would be safe if KG tended the street they were crossing on.

  20. Skeets-You were talking about the Sixers putting a prior injury clause in Bynum’s contract. They could do that as per the CBA, but there is no way Bynum would sign such a deal. Just like with Curry’s extension, no NBA player will sign a contract that isn’t 100% guaranteed, no matter their injury history.
    Players drive the market, and just like Amare, Bynum and his injured knee will get a max contract from someone.

  21. Skeets posted a link to a new March Madness pool on Twitter: http://t.co/dtSnEd1BwM

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