Get your mind out of the gutter, creepo. This isn’t some sort of weird sex thing or torture mechanism or anything unbecoming, it’s just a set of rules and regulations for which people are allowed to celebrate a dunk and when they can do it. I’ll let Martell Webster explain, courtesy of D.C. Sports Bog’s transcription of a Courtside Report interview.

“‘Unveiling the Wizard isn’t my move,” he told Jumoke Davis. “It’s a move I made up, but it’s for all of us to use and for all of us to utilize. You do it after a dunk, after a power dunk, and you can Unveil the Wizard.”

Pretty simple. But this quick tip sheet will make things even more clear.


Non-Wizard? Sorry, no unveiling. Can’t power dunk? Too bad. Don’t know what Unveiling the Wizard really is? Well, that I can actually help with.

Here’s more Martell, this time from Bullets Forever:

“Listen, there’s no copyright infringement here,” Webster said when asked about the similarity to Newton’s dance. “I made it up on the spot. Having some fun. It may have been Cam Newton-esque, but it definitely wasn’t his move. I call it, ‘Unveiling the Wizard.’” [...]

“I may have stolen [from Newton] a little bit,” Webster later admitted. “But that’s my move.”

So now you know what what “Unveiling the Wizard is (told you it wasn’t gross), who can do it and when they can do it — it’s one of those strictly regulated celebrations — so go nuts. Just make sure you satisfy each and every celebration requirement or else. This isn’t something to joke around about. Wizards are very powerful, so you can’t just go around unveiling them all the time.

(GIF via Wiz Spurtin)