Ballin: Holy smokes, 43 points for Jeff Green — the NBA’s premier “last name is the color of his jersey” guy, sorry James White — on 14-21 shooting. Sure, he didn’t score the final three-and-a-half minutes of the game after grabbing his last bit of rest on the bench, but that’s still pretty good.

Not so much: The Lakers lost to the Suns on the road (yuck), but the Jazz couldn’t take down a Knicks team that started Raymond Felton, Pablo Prigioni, Iman Shumpert, Chris Copeland and Kenyon Martin while playing in Salt Lake City, keeping them a game back of the eighth seed in the rest. Since the All-Star break, Utah has lost all three of their games that were played the same night the Lakers took a loss, which is really not what you want to do when you’re chasing a playoff spot.

Crikey: Here is LeBron James Knighting Jason Terry.

If ever there were a taunting technical worth getting, LeBron crushing Jason Terry is probably the most deserving. That’s like years of angst being taken out on a single play, ergo, a whistle. Of course, the momentum of this play lasted about three seconds as the Celtics immediately followed it up by blocking a fast break layup and hitting a three. Then, double of course, LeBron hit a game-winner because duh.

Silver linings playbook: On the night they found out Andrew Bynum was having more surgeries on more knees and would officially miss the rest of the season and might never play a game for the team (cool night), the 76ers dodged a bullet as LaMarcus Aldridge missed a makeable jumper at the buzzer that would have won the Trail Blazers the game. Lot of emotions going on, I’d imagine.

Gargoyles: Instant replays are stupid because they cost the Bulls a win.

A few things about this: 1) I think the right call was made because even though 98 percent of the ball was outside of the cylinder, it sure looks like 2 percent of the ball is barely above the rim; 2) why wasn’t Kosta Koufos’ tip earlier in overtime — a far more blatant offensive goaltend — reviewed?; 3) my sister was at the game (try to guess who she is) and was there with me back in 2009 when Brad Miller’s game-winner was waved off against the … wait for it … Nuggets. She and they are a bad combination.

Neat: In a battle of teams who have both been called the worst in NBA history within the past five seasons, the Charlotte Bobcats beat the Washington Wizards. Even more amazing, I watched the last five minutes on purpose.

Height: This was definitely not offensive goaltending.

Joakim Noah is tall and has long arms, but JaVale McGee is taller, has longer arms and has way more capital letters in his name. Advantage him in this situation.

Roundup: The Pacers beat the Cavs, the Mavs beat the Hawks, the Nets beat the Pistons, the Grizzlies beat the Timberwolves and the Warriors beat the Hornets. The closest margin of victory in these games was 14 points.

Other things: Damian Lillard can dunk … I fly like paper, get high like planes … Don’t worry, Juwan Howard still has the baseline jumper … If you’ve got footage of Martell Webster being kicked in the face during the last minute of last night’s Wizards game, I wouldn’t mind seeing it because it’s funny … Do you like stomps or pows better?

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  1. The Nuggets-Bulls game was full of weird and, seemingly, incorrect calls. Andre Miller was called for a travel with 17 seconds left in the 4th (which would have put Denver up 5), which wasn’t a travel. Even the Bulls broadcast team was trying to justify it and couldn’t, eventually saying, “Well that’s the call they made.” The Koufos tip in was a definite goaltend that was missed. The Noah goaltend was correct. Noah also got away with pushing Wilson Chandler out of bounds in OT and no call was made. In the end, the basketball gods evened it out.

  2. A little overreaction to the LeBron dunk… A 3 on 1 against a 35 year old guard not known for defense. And if Chalmers or Cole were named Rondo, you’d be killing them for throwing the Oop instead of taking the easy layup. 1-10 dunk, I’d give it a 4.

    • 100% agreed. DeAndre Jordan’s was much better, mostly because its much more fun to make fun of Brandon Knight rather than Jet.

    • Javale’s dunk >>>> LeBron’s dunk

      No contest

    • Give LeBron credit for the dunk, but the fact that he dunked on a 6’2″, 35 year-old doesn’t make it any better. Why do these dunks on guys much smaller than him (like the one on 5’11″ John Lucas III) get so much hype?

      • Because he jumped OVER the guy! Lebron hatters… are like laker fans. Just say anything…

        • I’m not hatting on LeBron. John Lucas III didn’t know he was there & still got killed for it.

          • Ok Jeff, tell me when did you ever see an nba player jumping over other nba player? He didn’t get killed, it was just a great dunk. That same night there was another dunk better then that one. It wasn’t even a discution. Still, pretty good if you jump over a guy. As a fan of basketball, I love it.

    • Don’t get me wrong…it was a great dunk, but I feel like the media is trying too hard to recapture the sensation of the DeAndre dunk. Lebron’s game winning shot was way more memorable than dunking on Jet. Either way, it was a very entertaining game last night!

  3. They reviewed Noah’s because they called it a goaltend on the floor. Goaltends are reviewable.

    They couldn’t review Koufos’ because they didn’t call goaltend on the floor this the play was non-reviewable.

    Both were clearly goaltends though. Terrible officiating down the stretch.

    • Noah’s wasn’t called a goaltend. From the game’s AP article:

      “The officials initially didn’t blow their whistles, but when Denver called an immediate timeout and loudly complained that it was goaltending, the referees reviewed video and disallowed Noah’s bucket, sending the Bulls to their seventh loss in their last 11 games.”

    • was noah’s called goaltend on the floor though. i read that that is were the refs really messed up, that they didn’t call it on the floor and then reversed it upon Review. which would be against the rules

  4. JaVele’s dunk technically wasn’t a dunk. It is a throw-down :)
    Also: Juwan Howard has an ugly jump shot.

  5. apparently lebrons dunk on terry led to his death on wikipedia

  6. Pows just because they seem more cathartic. And I would have to guess the one by the backboard clapping in the red Bulls shirt?

  7. Hey there, english natives.
    I always wanted to know in which case you use angst instead of an english expression because there are a few.

  8. Who cares about the facial…off the steal 4 guys touch it and the ball never touches the floor. Just great to watch!

  9. Pierre’s “dunk” looks so much like MJ’s game winner in space jam!!!!

    His arms are sooo long.

    • the greatest movie of all time. easily one of the most insane dunks ever, i still don’t know how MJ stretched his arms out even if the game did take place in looney tunes land

  10. Pow vs Stomp
    Gotta call Pow.
    The only weakness in LeBrons game is his weak ass celebration game.
    C’mon LeBron step up. Quit working on your jumping over peeps skills, game winning skills, outrageous everythingness and get cracking on some better moves man!

  11. Noteworthy about the LeBron dunk is that Chalmers, Cole and Wade are all involved in the build-up. It was only the second time those three have been on the floor together this season, totaling 2.4 minutes.

  12. Hey Kirby-Did you notice how many times the Bulls announcers said that Nate Robinson “was a cat burglar” or “has nerves like a cat burglar” last night? LIke 4 or 5 times. That was weird.

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