Ep. 949: The Paint People

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss the high-flyin’ Nuggets, Andre Miller’s inspirational pre-game speech, whether OKC is a little bored, Toney Douglas, Chris Paul’s flop, and the Bucks’ impressive first half vs. the Blazers.

All that, plus Rihanna, school assemblies, books for LeBron, and new collective nicknames.

Also, our first TBJ Madness pool hit capacity, so we created a second one. Good luck!


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Comments (25)

  1. Is Leigh opening up more cards tomorrow?

  2. Skeets takes the “lock in” very seriously…

  3. I’m pretty sure Dr. J and Moses Malone’s “Fo’ Fo’ Fo” Sixers team also only lost one game in the playoffs.

    But I agree, going 16-0 in the playoffs would be more special than 33 regular season wins in a row.

  4. that free-style dribble my Monta and CP3′s flop lol!

    - basketball-performance.com

  5. Over/under on number of shirts owned by Skeets?

  6. Combo nickname suggestion for Beal and Wall: “The Beal-in Wall”

  7. Just wondering if Leigh or anyone at the jones knows if the Blazers 8 pt 2nd qtr against the Bucks was an NBA record for fewest pts in a quarter?

  8. Follow up from T-shirt guy: Placed 2nd in the regular season (jockeyed for #1 all season long) and #2 highest point differential. I made the playoffs, currently down 307-157. So, yea, that was fun while it lasted.

  9. I love how Skeets has a ridiculous amount of respect for the “lock it in” drop. LOL. Matt needs to respect that drop and only whip it out when necessary.

  10. John Wall + Bradley Beal + wallaby = WallaBeal. Lee that’s for you. You’re welcome you ausie

  11. Today you talked about there not being any 20 and 10 scorers. 20 point scorers are down overall. It’s not directly related but it’s interesting and Henry Abbott wrote an article about it on TrueHoop in January: http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/53534/where-have-all-the-gunners-gone

  12. Howbout LA for someone who hasn’t been averaging 20-10?

  13. Your’e large Russ fans, and tiny Warriors fans? Just how tall are you really?!?

  14. Possible nicknames for Deandre and Blake:
    The Throw Up Brothers (Because you can just throw it up anywhere and they’ll grab it)
    The LA Lobbiests (self explanatory)

    John Wall and Bradley Beal:
    Wally McBeal

  15. An addendum to Leigh’s comments on the Spurs – in the past 24 seasons (this year included), Spurs have failed to win 60% of their games just twice – 91/92 and 96/97 (rounding up 92/93′s 0.598 to 60%). 60% = 49 wins.

    So that’s all of Duncan and Popovich’s career has been 60% or greater (actually, all have been 50+ wins except 99 lockout which was on track for 64 if it was an 82 game season).

  16. this link leads to the zach lowe podcast fyi guys !!

  17. is anyone else having the same problem episode 949 and 950 when u press play lead to last weeks overdoes with zach lowe . please help i need my tbj !!!

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