And now it’s time for Hair Care Tips with Nick Collison, brought to you by GQ magazine:

What is the product you use to keep your hair looking so “GQ” during games?

For some reason, when I put out the call on Twitter for this mailbag, I got more questions about my hair then anything else, so I feel obligated to answer at least one. And I have to admit I feel strange about giving style advice, but then, who am I to deny the people what they want? So here’s my secret: I don’t put any type of product in my hair during games. I have before, and when the sweat gets in my eyes, it stings. I wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week, and I use conditioner. I usually take a nap on game days, so I put my head under the shower to get rid of the bed head, then use my hands to part it to the side, and I’m out the door.

This has been Hair Care Tips with Nick Collison. Thanks for tuning in!