When LeBron James sent Jason Terry to Tha Crossroads with a very tall dunk, you couldn’t help feeling that LeBron took more than a small bit of satisfaction that said dunk was on said Jason Terry. You know, the same guy who antagonized him throughout the 2011 NBA Finals and partially credits the Mavs’ championship to a moment of celebration betwixt LeBron and Dwyane Wade — of course LeBron was going to be pretty happy he’d just grounded the JET.

That’s why I’m very glad to tell you that you’re right — LeBron James is happy that it was Jason Terry he dunked on. From Ira Winderman of the South Florida SunSentinel:

LeBron on Monday dunk on Jason Terry, “t was one of my better ones. And the fact that it happened to J.T. made it even that much sweeter…

More LeBron on Terry, “…Because I think we all know what J.T. talks, and he talks too much sometimes and I’m glad it happened to him.”

I think we can all agree that in those few seconds post-dunk, when LeBron barely took a step toward Terry’s corpse, that this thought — “I’m glad it happened to him” — is exactly what was going through LeBron’s head. Yeah, it was a dunk, but it was also kind of a “Shut up, little man” that was literally years in the making. And just like “Jurassic Park,” the payoff was worth it.

For his part, Jason Terry seems to be taking things pretty well. From Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe:

Terry cont: “My reaction was when the fans were cheering and I went up and knocked down the technical. That’s a great reaction.”

Nice zing. And nice job saving a point on the three-point play. Too bad about you still got dunked on and we all saw it.

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  1. Pretty sweet dunk. Not sure a 3 on 1 alley oop over one of the smallest guys in the floor during a regular season game quite evens things up after JET torched LBJ and the Heat in game 6 of the finals, but it was a pretty sweet dunk indeed.

  2. Yawn. Lebron jumps around (not over) a little guy.

  3. I’ve watched that crossroads clip about 30 times in the last two days. Watching “The Jet” get punk’d on national television is more gratifying than a tablespoon of cookie dough while being rubbed down by the cast of charmed.

  4. Jason Terry sucks, doesn’t deserve to be on the same court with LBJ

  5. Watching this highlight is pure bliss. If had the time I would compile the audio from all of Paper Plane’s shit talking sessions and add them on an infinite loop of Lebron dunking on him.

    Garnett… you are next! ….Bi*%#!!!

  6. Wade sure gets away with a lot of hacking on all his “steals”. Ironic for the guy who used to cry about Kirk Hinrich so much that he aided in derailing his career.

  7. Paul Pierce’s face…

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