Ballin: In the last three-and-a-half minutes of last night’s win over the Clippers, the Kings hit four straight three-pointers, three of which were consecutive Toney Douglas bombs, one of which was just silly. The victory moved them to 4-5 against other California teams and puts them just a half-game back of the 12th place Timberwolves. So yeah, it was a huge win.

Not so much: The Magic’s starters went a combined 16-65 last night, which may or may not have contributed to their 22-point loss against the Pacers. Not quite sure of the causality and correlation, but yeah.

Curly: Montyellyhavitall.

Nice follow-up slam from Larry “Caps Lock” Sanders “Exclamation Point,” but Monta Ellis did a breakdance dribble and the advantage always goes to a breakdancer.

Quiet: Don’t tell your dad because he doesn’t like to be interrupted at work, but last night’s win over the Thunder gave the Nuggets 13 straight victories, leaving them just 10 short of the Heat’s current streak and 20 short of the all-time record. Eight of those wins have come against playoff teams, which is just four fewer than Miami has toppled during their streak. Neat.

Looptid: Paul George has no problem using a word that don’t mean nothing.

How on Earth did Moe Harkless not block this shot? It’s right there.

One mo’: The Nuggets’ 13-game winning streak is the longest in franchise history.

Flerp: Relax, Chris Paul.

We haven’t heard as much about the Clippers being floppers this season — there hasn’t even been a “Flop City” remix yet — but it’s good to know Chris Paul’s still got it. You do you, Chrisp.

Old man take a look at my leg: Andre Miller’s fourth quarter line — 13 points, six rebounds, three assists. He averages nine points, six assists and three rebounds per game. Cool birthday.

Other things: Reggie Jackson had a nice dunk last night … DeMarcus Cousins sure does love talking to announcers … Hi, Erik Spoelstra … Get out of here, Russell WestbrookPatty Mills’ towel moves showed up in a San Antonio newspaper