You already know the following things about Lakers center Robert Sacre:

  1. He’s Canadian.
  2. He’s great at celebrating his teammates’ accomplishments.
  3. He learned his dance moves from Yosemite Sam.

But here are two more things for you to know about Lakers center Robert Sacre:

  1. He has a giant tattoo on his rib cage that depicts the following entities: Snoop Dogg (Lion), Snoop Dogg’s weed smoke, Mike Tyson, DMX covered in blood, Vancouver’s Harbour Centre.
  2. He is the acting Lakers captain despite having played just 202 minutes over 30 games in his NBA career.

If you’re only going to know five things about a random person, these are a good five. Just from these five things, you can tell he’s a polite fellow who loves cartoons and tattoos and is well-liked by his teammates. That’s a nice start.

And who knows, maybe by the end of the season we’ll know seven things about Robert Sacre. It’s OK to dream big.