Ep. 950: NBA Madness

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss last night’s NBA March Madness. Topics discuss include: the Heat’s 27-point (!) comeback, LeBron’s celebration, whether fans running out onto the court are going to ruin everything, Marc Gasol’s game-winning tip, Kevin Durant’s third quarter, what in the world Scott Brooks is doing, mini-Linsanity, the free-falling Jazz, and Anthony Davis’ first NBA moment.

All that, plus another round of “Twitter Beef,” featuring Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, billionaire blowhard Donald Trump, and “SalesDan48.”


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Comments (12)

  1. tag nickname idea for the booth: “Osten-ralia”

  2. Holy shit how did Skeets know I was making the Kobe face. GET OUT OF MY HEAD

  3. My take on Lebron’s celebration is that he’s pretending the break the backs of his opponents; this is why he does it after a back-breaking play e.g. clutch shot, a big 3, etc.

  4. is anyone getting the same problem i am i am trying to listen to ep 949 and 950 but hwen i click play they lead to last weeks episode with zach lowe . PLEASE HELP TREY.. PLEASE

    thank you

  5. Random people running on the court is funny to see… but definitely shouldn’t be allowed.

  6. I see Skeets is trying to muscle in on Tas and his man of 1000 voices bit with the old man voice.

    Next book off pay off should be a voice off between the two.

  7. I can’t be hating on 3 weeks washed hair, or can I? The ringlets make more sense now. Are we not all waiting for an anatomy blank jones?

  8. Greatest line in It’s Always Sunny history.

  9. That picture of Shane Warne at the start warmed my heart! From a massive Aussie fan, thank you guys for bringing me my unbiased NBA news.

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