You know how when a bunch of people from the same workplace have babies around the same time, someone inevitably says “There must be something in the water?” Well, there must be something in the water in Utah because this Jazz birth story is kind of incredible. From the Deseret News:

Thursday was quite the day for the Utah Jazz family.

Both Paul Millsap and Randy Foye welcomed babies into their worlds on the team’s off day.

The great excuse to miss practice wasn’t the only thing they shared.

Both Jazz players became proud papas of little girls. They now each have three children, all daughters.

And, get this, both have similar names.

Millsap’s daughter was named Paular.

Foye’s little girl was named Pilar.

And, no, they didn’t plan it that way.

“Same day, same name. It’s crazy,” Millsap said. “What a coincidence, really.”

“I’ve never heard of that before,” said Foye, adding that he and Millsap didn’t know their significant others were being induced on the same day until earlier this week. “I think that’s probably once in a lifetime.”

Whaaaaaaaat? This is a real Lincoln-Kennedy situation. I mean, two players on the same team having a kid on the same day is strange enough. But they also both had daughters and they also both already had two daughters and then they both gave them almost the exact same name — that’s just bananas. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that they once played in an NBA-sanctioned game together before ever becoming teammates or something crazy like that.