Ballin: It gets boring talking about how good LeBron James is — another triple-double last night in a comeback win in Cleveland — so let’s talk about Brook Lopez hanging 38 points and 11 rebounds on the Mavericks in a big road win. As he would say, “Whooooaaaa, cool man.”

Not so much: Well, the Cavaliers did blow a 27-point lead in about six seconds, so them.

Tip Drill: This is how you win a game with a tip-in.

Joakim Noah saw this and was like, “Ah, come on.”

Built this house: In the past two seasons, the Charlotte Bobcats have won 14 games at home. Four of those have come against the Raptors, including last night’s win.

Uh oh: Another loss last night for the Jazz, this time to the Rockets, which dropped them 1.5 games behind the Lakers for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference. They have just six wins against plus-.500 teams in 2013 and only two since the All-Star break.

Tip Drill II: Full Throttle: This is how you win a game with a tip-in.

Joakim Noah saw this and was like, “Ah, come on.” Again.

Hey there: Carmelo Anthony came back to the Knicks last night, which means the Knicks only had to start one big man who was 35 years or older (and one guard for good measure), which means the Knicks actually won back-to-back games for the first time since March 6.

Spry: 25 and 13 for Tim Duncan last night, which is the 14th time this season he’s done such a thing. Amazingly, that’s only good for eighth in the NBA, but I think we can all agree this new operating system has been a success.

Confusion: When you think Clippers dunking on people, the first name that comes to mind is … Caron Butler?

Luckily, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan (“BeAndre Goals,” as the kids say) did combine to throw down a couple big-to-big alley-oops, because otherwise this would be too weird to handle. I was under the assumption Carontasaurus was only allowed to shoot threes.

Polar bear: Remember when Monta Ellis scored 25 points in a quarter while going 5-5 from three while leading the Bucks to a win? Last night was complete opposite of that, as Monta went 2-14 from the floor as Milwaukee dropped a game in Atlanta. You could say that he didn’t havitall.

Ugh: The Wizards beat the Suns in Phoenix. John Wall had 19 points, eight assists and five turnovers, which seems about right.

Other things: James White actually completed a dunk on his first attempt last night … Jerryd Bayless was awesome for the Grizzlies, scoring seven points in the game’s final 12 seconds, which includes a super tough three he hit to send the game to OT … Pretty great fan-made video about that LeBron dunk … And this is a pretty great fan-made video that depicts last night’s Heat comeback … Nate Robinson loves Airheads (the candy, not the movie)

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  1. When it’s all over, and he doesn’t play anymore, you will miss these opportunities to talk about the man. Last night second half was a thing of beauty.

  2. Why isn’t it BlaAndre Goals!!!

  3. Where do I go online to listen to the podcast live?

  4. It’s the 14th time Tim Duncan has gone for 20-10, but the 5th time he’s gone for 25-13, which is tied for 1st in the league.

  5. they should box out

  6. Trey, Shawn,
    This is the NBA reporter cherry picking policy compliant link for Duncan

  7. Montyellymissemall

  8. Nothing more irritating than Trey whining about a Bull’s loss. Nothing more predictable than Trey whining about a Bull’s loss. Actually, nothing more enjoyable than Trey whining about another Bull’s loss.

    • LOL you said it right, just imagine Noah’s face while watching these clips. on the side note, great read for this article. good stuff :D


    • Your punctuation makes me as sad as a Bulls loss.

    • We even get to hear about Bulls losses when they don’t even play.
      This is really starting to annoy me. Nothing against the Bulls, but we get way too much Bulls news compared to other teams with actually more stuff going on.

      • There’s no way this will ever change. I’m a Bulls fan. Sunglasses, deal with it.

        Not to mention, on a night when there were two last second tip-ins to win games during the same week as a huge story about a last second tip-in that didn’t count, it’s more than fair to bring it up.

        • I understand the logic, but the “huge story about a last second tip-in that didn’t count” wasn’t that huge, and both those tip-in are much more clear-cut than Noah’s. Plus it was more of a generic statement reguarding your blogging.
          Anyway, I’ve kinda come to peace with your fandom, which is why I don’t often complain, but it’s not just “I’m a Bulls fan”: Skeets and Tas are Raptors fans and Bill Simmons is a Cs fan, and they can discuss the NBA without bringing up “their team” in every single NBA conversation (yes, you are more of a homer than Bill Simmons). Hey, brush those comments off as “haters gonna hate” if you want, it doesn’t make them less valid, and we’re just saying that in the interest of relevant basketball talk, not to hurt you or anything.
          Meh, whatever, you know….

          • Wait, “I’m just saying that in the interest of relevant basketball talk, not to hurt you or anything.”, can’t really speak for others, can I?

  9. >James White actually completed a dunk on his first attempt last night


  10. Cosign the saturation of bulls-related material sentiment, sorry trey.

    • Do you guys think Trey has is hands on with all day full reports about the Noa tip in? You bad boy Trey! You should know better about beeing funny with that stuff, and putting it everywhere. It’s not like people can comment on their own stuff in here. No! And if you “write good” you can even post it on the blog… no! Bad Trey! Don’t talk about stuff you like. Just about stuff you don’t like. This should be a blog about the Bobcats! Then you would be off the hook. Bad Trey! Bad!

  11. I watched the highlights of this game on The Score this morning, and they played back Gasol’s block on Westbrook, and had a shot of Gasol giving Rus a hilarious look. I don’t know if you saw this, but does has anyone seen it online?

  12. carontasaurus? come on trey, this is TBJ – it’s caronimoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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