Look at this guy — total Lannister. Hurry up and get here, March 31.

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  1. I’m going to need a gif and a hi-res jpeg of Melo sitting on the iron throne please. Thanks

  2. Why does this exist?

  3. Newfound respect for Melo.

  4. Why didn’t
    nikola pekovic
    did this?

  5. Carmelo–

  6. whoever is responsible for this travesty needs to be separated from his empty head with Ned Stark’s sword. Stupidest attempt at mixing two completely incongruous genres I have ever seen. Anyone who would have to ask why is obviously to be counted among the Great Unwashed. By far the worst commercial I have ever seen. As to whatever imbecile felt these two completely different entities could ever be considered to have anything in common with each other- well, somewhere in the world a village is lacking it’s idiot.

  7. Overrated plyer pitching an overrated show… I’d say it’s fitting!

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