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On today’s Overdose, The Jones discuss the Heat’s impressive 24-game winning streak, their odds at tying or surpassing the ’71-72 Lakers record, our favorite playoff race storylines, Andray Blatche screwin’ the Wizards, players and teams who have disappointed us this season, and Dirk Nowitzki’s future.

All that, plus “Bowling for Contracts,” organic bananas, Mrs. Woobly O’Balls, Manu Ginobili’s upcoming AMA Reddit, “The Bachelor,” and Leigh Ellis returns for Tweet of the Weak and to recite a scene from “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”


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  1. tweet of the weak. them some weak tweets right there

  2. TBJ will always have a place in my day even when there’s other basketball on all day. #BJArmy

  3. why not start a woah boy of the week? each friday choose the player with the best averages over the past seven days and give him a weekly woah boy on the overdose

  4. Bynum does not owe Philly anything. They knowingly traded for a player with known injury and maturity issues. They got burned.

    • Furthermore, it’s absurd to suggest signing him (Leigh) as a token for moves made previously. One makes the best of the hand they’re dealt, even if they dealt it themselves. Move on. How utterly stupid.

      • Let Bynum go for nothing is the more intelligent move, IF your doctors say he’s bunk.

        Double-down on an injured players leads to Orlando Magic and Portland Trailblazers situations.

  5. Love the Mr. Dressup, tickle trunk reference. Good old days.

  6. has there been a bigger discrepancy in +/- within the same team than Tyler Zeller and Luke Walton on Wednesday


  7. My disappointment for this year is one of my favorite players, and it’s not exactly is playing, but is rebounding, rebounding is an individual effort. I now he is defending better, but having games of two or four rebounds… Not good. Love watching him, one of my favorites. But he should crash the boards more.

    • The suspense is killing me…

    • Is it individual though?

      A guy like Marc Gasol or Nene doesn’t get a lot of rebounds, but they’re great at keeping opponents from getting them, allowing their team to rebound much better.

      If you combine a guy like that with a more traditional instinctual or effort/energy rebounder, you’re in biz.

    • I’m uncertain he’s defending better because I don’t know if I’ve watched him.

  8. One of my favourite rivalries right now is Blake Griffin – Kenneth Faried. Very physical
    and emotional. Makes for great basketball.

  9. what are Dwyane Wade’s kids favourite toys? Beyblades.

  10. J.E. sounded a little bitter today … saying that he pretends to read the TBJArmy puns, tacking on that nobody cares about your dreams … loved it.

  11. Dwayne Wade actually does all of the teams laundry because he is best at making any STAIN FADE.

  12. Just to weigh in on the whole “Ber-nerd” “Ber-nard” thing, I have an uncle named Bernard, and it’s pronounced “Ber-nerd.” My family makes fun of him for it

  13. I’m too lazy to figure it out, but when will Episode 1000 drop? At the end of this season or at the beginning of next? I might have to make my way to TO for that one, if you’re having a live show. Anyway, #respect.

  14. Trey’s maniacal laugh was just killing me. Too great.

  15. What is Dwyane Wade’s 70′s clothing line called? Dwyane Suede

    What is Dwyane Wade’s favorite haircut called? Dwyane fade

  16. What did the “don’t taze me bro” guy say when his opponent in rec league got every foul call?

    Dwyane Wade me bro.

  17. Dwyane Wade doesn’t care about parking tickets be wise he is Dwyane Paid.

  18. The hell is the point of college basketball? The actual quality of ball is garbage, never been able to get into it.

    How much does a team even pay Bynum? Other big men get overpaid too, but he was just out for a whole freaking year…10 mill a year? 15? Max? It’s going to be really interesting…will need probably 2 years of team options in there.

    and with a Finals MVP…he’s got it Dywane Made.

  19. The immediate giggling after “Lydier” is amazing

  20. What is his favourtie thing to do, ride the Dwayne Waves

  21. He’s against the over population of unwanted pets in America, Dwayne Spayed.

    And more love to the Nate Rob/Novak rivalry.

  22. Darius Miles screwed over the Portland “Jail” Blazers when he signed with the Memphis Grizzlies after they waived him after he suffered a season/career ending knee injury. I think it was if a team signed Miles the Blazers had to pay a percentage of that contract. That was another screw job.

  23. Did someone laugh like a woman?

  24. All NBA players are friends now, they have a hu fest at center court before every game

  25. Just an FYI in case anyone from TBJ actually reads this. The Celtics were never up by 25 or 26 points against the Heat. The largest lead they had was 17 points in the second quarter. No big deal. It’s just strange that the same error was made Tuesday and Friday and no picked up on it. Still an impressive comeback though.

  26. Dwyane Wade did bad on his history final, he got a D. Grade.

  27. Tas rapping was literally one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard, please tell him to stop singing..

  28. What does he drink to stay energized during games?

    Dwyane GatorWade

    • College basketball is like a brostep show. If you’re claiming its cool for any reason other than “the crowd is crazy!” You’re lying

  29. now that i know phil doesnt read our comments this is pointless.

  30. replace pun gun with something else like the who am i game

  31. What does he do to avoid getting skin cancer? He stays in the Dwyane Shade

  32. Ugh: the Wizards beat the Lakers in LA. John Wall had 24 points, 16 assists, 6 rebounds, 3 steals and 1 turnover. Seems about right.

    Gotta love the ambivalence! Guy joins a 4-28 team and they go 21-15 over their next 36 games. Better harp on his turnovers!

  33. Bynum’s contract: He is getting a 4 year deal for at least $10mil/yr, probably 12-15. He would NEVER take a discount to stay with any team, let alone Philly. This is a man who has said “there are ATMs in every city” and rehabs on “company time” instead of getting surgery in the summer.

    Teams with cap room this summer (cap hold for ’13-14)
    Atlanta (18)
    Utah (25)
    LAC (28)
    Cleveland (32)
    New Orleans (34)
    Detroit (35)
    Houston (38)
    Charlotte (40)
    Milwaukee (40)
    San Antonio (41)
    Philly (46)

    Players who probably will get big money:
    Dwight Howard
    Chris Paul
    Josh Smith
    OJ Mayo

    Won’t Bynum get more $ than half the players on the list? There are just too many teams that suck and need stars. Atlanta, Cleveland, New Orleans, Detroit, Charlotte, Houston, etc, etc all need a center and have money burning holes in their pockets. Plus sign and trades are in play. It is a players market, don’t you guys realize that by now?

  34. Nowitzki said in a german interview that he only would have thought about leaving dallas if they woudnt have won the championchip. To get a chance with another, stronger team.
    Now its not important. He will be proud to retire as a mav and has nothing to chase for.

    original quote:

    “SPOX: Ein vorzeitiger Abschied kam und kommt also für Sie nicht in Frage?

    Nowitzki: Nein, auf keinen Fall. Es gab nur einen Grund, warum ich jemals vorzeitig Dallas verlassen hätte: Wenn wir 2011 nicht den Titel gewonnen hätten. Dann wäre ich vielleicht noch einmal gewechselt, um noch eine Chance zu bekommen. Aber den Traum vom Titel habe ich mir damals erfüllt. Jetzt gehen wir eben durch eine Zeit, die nicht so toll ist. Aber das Gute ist ja, dass wir im Sommer Cap-Room haben. Und da hoffe ich, dass wir uns da noch einmal richtig verbessern. Das ist ein wichtiger Sommer für uns…” :)

    source: http://www.spox.com/de/sport/ussport/nba/dallas-mavericks/1303/Artikel/dirk-nowitzki-interview-kein-trade-trotz-schwerster-saison-der-karriere-sommer-verstaerkungen-dwight-howard-chris-paul.html

    • Thought the same thing. He wants to retire as a Mav, so does the management and every single Mavs fan. I also would like to see Tas backpaddeling from his statement that Dirk hasnt the same work ethic like Duncan or Garnett.

  35. Trey, you have a highly contagious laugh.

  36. Solid comments this week, except for DONDOITMAN, who didn’t like my rapping.

  37. LeBron v. Deshawn or Lance #blowthewhistle never gets along with the Stevenson/Stephensons

    Kobe v. Dantay Jones

    Kobe v. Raja

    Gallo and Melo always clash

    Jeremy Lin v. Deron Williams

  38. Hatred between players, Shaq and Kobe, Shaq and Sabonis, Sheed and (not players) every ref in the league, Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller, Gilbert Arenas and the Wizards locker room.

  39. Raef Lafrentz was good untill his knees exploded , portland gave him alot of money when he was clearly done

  40. What’s Dwyane’s favorite Billy Joel song?

    Just D. Wade You Are

  41. The contract screw-over I always remember best is Elton Brand teaming up with Baron Davis for what was going to be a killer Clipper team. He had a handshake deal with the Clips, and then signed with Philly anyway right after Baron signed in LA, which ended up being fine considering, you know, building a team around Elton Brand and Baron Davis is highly comical in retrospect.

  42. This pungun doesn’t get a lame grade

  43. Why did Dwyane Wade try to kick Ramon Sessions of the Charlotte Bobcats?

    He is an advocate of getting cats Dwyane Spayed and neutered.

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