A lot of times, the things JaVale McGee does are incredible for a bad reason. But this is one of those incredible things that’s actually good. And even though JaViggity has done this a couple times this season, I think this is his best Snatchblock 20 so far. Doing it to a one-on-one hook shot is just mean.

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  1. “snatchblock” sounds like it has something to do with women.

  2. when I saw the title I assumed it would be Javale McGee taking a wide-open hook shot

    • me too lol. but all is good, that was quite an impressive catch? hmm so what’s Shaq saying about McGee now?

      - basketball-performance.com

  3. nick block, almost as good as my LaPhonso Ellis’ block many many years ago

  4. Good. I am in CA, and may seek them out due to the fact we constantly like free of charge treats.

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