Look, I’m not trying to act like this is nearly as cool as Babe Ruth pointing to the outfield and then jacking a homer (cool baseball terms) or Larry Bird spelling out his moves before successfully scoring with them, but any time a human can accurately predict the future, I’m intrigued. So Anthony Tolliver, you’ve got the floor.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Anthony Tolliver called it.

Not a game-winning shot but a game-winning rebound.

Tolliver’s rebound of a missed free throw by teammate Dahntay Jones with 22.4 seconds remaining preserved the Hawks’ 104-99 come-from-behind victory over the Bucks Sunday afternoon.

With a one-point lead, 100-99 after Jones’ first free throw, Tolliver looked at Jeff Teague and told his teammate a missed shot would be all his.

“Yeah, I told him right before it happened, ‘I am going to get this rebound,’” Tolliver said. “I just tried to analyze the situation. I knew he has missed a few free throws earlier so I just wanted to be aggressive toward the rebound. I saw an opportunity. They didn’t box me out and I jumped and it came to me.”

Here’s a guy who averages 0.5 offensive rebounds per game, who has already collected one offensive board, who is standing outside the three-point line while a 75 percent career free throw shooter is at the line — all that and he still has the confidence to predict he’ll grab the offensive rebound when his teammate inevitably lets his team down in the clutch. Then he does it. Pretty tremendous if you really think about it, and a really tough rebound too.

Of course, since Anthony Tolliver was standing directly behind Dahntay Jones when he predicted that Jones would miss a clutch free throw, this prediction might not be what it’s made out to be. I mean, if you’re at the line with a one-point lead in the final 30 seconds of a game, then you overhear your teammate telling another teammate that he’s going to grab the rebound when you miss, maybe you’re not at your most confident and maybe you brick a free throw and maybe that makes your teammate look like a psychic rather than a big ol’ meanie who doesn’t trust his friends.

Nah, probably a psychic. More fun that way.