Ep. 952: Stubborn Streaks

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for: Miami and Denver’s streaks, James Harden, Patrick Beverely and the Rockets, half-court shots, Mike James, Kevin Johnson, and the return of Awesome NBA Voice Guy. Thumbs down for: the human anatomy (Marc Gasol’s abs, Paul George’s finger, Joakim Noah’s feet), and the Milwaukee Bucks.

All that, plus Chris Bosh and rocking chairs.


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  1. Another reason so many half court shots are made is because they get more than one chance

  2. I remember Van Earl Wright as the announcer on “Slam ‘n’ Jam ’95″ for 3DO. He’s definitely way more over the top now.

  3. The NBA Voice-Guy is awsome. His syllabel explosions are genius. They go with the action or just random what thrills you even more.

    I think he even has some drop worthy stuff. Like:
    “Put some pasta on it” from the SAC-DEN highlights. or
    “caught it, jumped it, rocked it” WAS-GS highlights

    “Blake Griffin for three,somebody notify the long distance company” never heard that one. I’m not an english native though.

    His way of using the word “rock” for everything is kind of clever. It’s confusing. You have to think about it so its in your brain. That’s his goal.


  4. You know who the last team to beat the Nuggets was? Washington. If I had a single elimination tournament, they’d definetly be my Cinderella. They’ve now beat Denver (twice), Miami, OKC, Lakers, Chicago, the Knicks and Rockets. All Locks for the playoffs.

  5. Man those are some bigguns

  6. great show. As a lifelong mavs fan, I can say they did not make the playoffs in 1999-2000. Their streak started in 2000-2001 season, Dirk’s 3rd year.

  7. “Another loser of the weekend, Tas — the human anatomy!”

    Welcome, first time viewers and listeners! ;D

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