Ballin: Jim Harden scored 29 points — 18 in the second half — added nine rebounds, six assists, two steals and two blocks and hit a game-winner against the Spurs. Busy night.

Not so much: I don’t have the patience to look up the Jazz’s record since the All-Star break on days where the Lakers don’t play, but after last night’s loss to the Mavericks, I know it’s even worse than it was before. They’re now two games back of Los Angeles, have fallen further behind despite the Lakers’ own two-game losing streak and are now two games below .500. They’re 4-12 since the All-Star break. Yikes.

Callback: Here’s that James Harden game-winner.

Not only did Matt Bullard call the play, Harden also made the shot a bit tougher by Fat Joe leaning back to try to draw a foul whilst shooting his J. These two things aren’t actually related, but I just thought they should be mentioned.

Ho hum: The Heat won again — this one against the Bobcats, which makes 26 straight — and LeBron had another near-triple-double. Boring.

Epidemic: The Thunder beat the Blazers by 20, who cares. What we need to talk about is another fan making a halfcourt shot and getting tackled by an NBA superstar.

How many fans have made halfcourt shots for prizes this season? It has to be at least 10. Are teams doing this sort of promotion more? Do fans just have better access to halfcourt shot practices? WHAT IS GOING ON? WE’RE GOING TO RUN OUT OF GIANT CHECKS AND FLATSCREEN TVS.

Also bad: It’s a good thing the Bucks are being chased by teams like the 76ers and Raptors, because after last night’s loss to the Hawks, they’ve lost six of eight and are just 8-10 since the All-Star break. Of course, they’re still seven games up for eight in the Eastern Conference and only had a ceiling of accidentally stealing one win during their first round series loss anyways, so no big deal.

You fancy: The Chicago Bulls may have won the war, but the Minnesota Timberwolves won at least one of the battles in that war. (Sayings don’t work as well when you make them opposite.)

Congratulations to Ricky Rubio and Nikola Pekovic for locking down that International League Pass Play of the Day. Pretty solid accomplishment.

Roundies: The Nets beat the Suns and the 76ers beat the Kings. Please tell me how much you care about these updates on a scale from 1-10.

Other things: Respect to Patrick Beverley and his game-saving block … Also respect to Greg Smith for dunking on Tiago Splitter, even though this was definitely an offensive foul … LeBron James and Reggie Jackson are both creative passers … Chris Bosh is so weird and I love it … Good stuff from Tom Ziller on why the Kings’ arena deal keeps getting better