It’s pretty cool that Dwight Howard finally gets to add his name to the list of celebrities who have been slimed at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, which seems like something he’s always wanted to happen but was just a bit too embarrassed to admit. And it’s even cooler that he’s the first NBA player to be slimed in the illustrious history of the event, unless you count Mark “Mr. Cooper” Curry back in 1995. ‘Twas quite the night for Big Dwig.

Not to mention, smart thinking not wearing any of his myriad Ed Hardy t-shirts. Do you know hard it is to get slime out of bedazzling?

(via With Leather)

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  1. Victoria Justice didn’t win Favorite TV Actress so I’m pretending none of that even happened.

  2. Kobe’s slimed him all season.

  3. Breaking news he has just injured his shoulder with all the slime out for the rest of the season

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