Ladies and gentleman, WE. ARE. LIVE. This fight is scheduled for three five minute rounds in the NBA’s heavyweight division. First, in the blue corner — fighting out of Oakland, California, standing 6-foot-9 and weighing in at 240 lbs. He’s a mixed martial arts rebounder and two-time NBA All-Star — David “Bite Elbow” Lee!


Lee was again the center of attention a few minutes later when he drew a foul on Howard. Replays showed Lee’s arm caught Howard in the mouth, leaving him with a bloody lip and a technical foul after he chewed out Lee near halfcourt. “That was obviously unintentional,” Lee said.

And now in the gold corner — fighting out of Los Angeles, California, standing 6-foot-11 and weighing in at 265 lbs. He’s a muay smile fighter, seven-time All-Star and three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year — Dwight “Ed Hardy Shirt” Howard!

From Yahoo!’s Marc Spears:

“He got away with a shot,” Howard said. “I will remember this game. I will remember that shot. He said he wasn’t trying to do it. You can look at the play and see it for yourself. I will take care of it later.”

Today’s action is brought to you by Corn Nuts, the only kernel bold enough to get inside the octagon. Corn Nuts — Corn to the Core!

Oh, and if you’re watching from home on pay-per-view, just remember Dwight is now the second Laker to vow violence upon an opponent the next time they meet. Fun bunch.