Ep. 953: Off The Wall

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss LeBron’s cross-court passing, The Birdman’s contributions, poor Beno Udrih, the stellar Magic broadcast, John Wall’s 47-point night, the Wizards’ future, the Warriors’ simple offensive game plan, Kobe’s post-game comments, and the suddenly interesting race for the West’s No. 8 seed.

All that, plus hair-to-hair combos, a weird basketball dream, Bubba Watson, late-season injuries, players interviewing players, and NBA performance art ideas.


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  1. So in your dream Vancouver gets a team before Seattle?

    I hate expansion, but I don’t think Sacramento should lose their team. They should just give Seattle an expansion team. As a kid, I hated that there were 27 teams, it needs to be an even number. So give Vancouver a team, too and have it as an even 32.

  2. Hair to Hair Crowder and Dirk.

  3. Wall is a top 5 pg if he gets that shot. And if he plays solid defense. I know the Grizz were without Marc Gasol but Wall showed out. Team is still awful but maybe Wall is justifying what he said to Zach Lowe, I am a max player.

    • Great show today, Wizards with John Wall are th best league pass team. Unlike the Bobcats when Wash gets down big they always claw back and make it a game. Maybe a playoff team if they didn’t lose all those heartbreakers early in the year

      I think we can stick a fork in the Nuggets hopes and dreams, can’t win on the road! Monty Williams showed why he’s the best coach in the league

    • “And if he plays solid defense.”

      That isn’t a throw in. That’s half the game!

      I don’t want to rain on the Wall parade, because I’m very happy the kid seems to finally be figuring it out. John Wall being an elite point guard is good for the league and I hope he continues to develop because he’s a ton of fun to watch. But I think people throw the term “Top 5 PG” around too loosely. It should be like All-Star selections: if you’re going to say somebody belongs, you have to also say who doesn’t belong.

      Here’s a look at the top 5 guard in the league:

      1. Chris Paul
      2. Derrick Rose
      3. Tony Parker
      4. Rajon Rondo
      5. Russell Westbrook

      Wall doesn’t crack that list, even with Rose’s health upon return still uncertain.

      Next five?

      6. Kyrie Irving
      7. Steph Curry
      8. Deron Williams
      9. Ty Lawson
      10. Jrue Holiday

      Wall would have a tough time cracking that list, although you could argue maybe he could bump Jrue or Ty out of the top ten. And I didn’t even mention Ricky Rubio, Greivis Vasquez or Damian Lillard! It’s tough to be a top 15 point guard in this league, let alone a top 5. There’s no shame in being outside the top 5.

  4. John Wow and Baskly Ball. That’s so Wizards.

  5. ugh, more heat talk… I wish I had suggested this earlier but can we please introduce a reverse-style ‘miami swear jar’ until they lose a game? I don’t wanna hate on the heat but seriously.. the lakers sub .500 and the heat streak are the same thing: eeeeeeverybody’s rambling on about em even though there aren’t any new facts to talk about.

    also, while I’m at it: if lebron is “on the shortlist of the best passers of all time” so is chris webber. come on guys. do you seriously think lebron is a significantly better passer than rajon rondo, steve nash, ricky rubio, chris paul, deron williams or andre miller and jose calderon for all I care? lebron’s a great passer no doubt, but to be on a shortlist, this should actually be a short list, not a list of every second point guard in the game plus lebron.

    • Then what from last night would you rather have us talk about?

      • I don’t think this is the same thing as the Lakers losing early in the season. That was just a case of everyone sporting their massive erections seeing a team flounder who most people thought would be competing for the top spot in the west.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m still strokin’ it to this winning streak but this is also a historic run in today’s NBA.

    • “The lakers sub .500 and the Heat streak are the same thing …”

      Um , yeah, except they’re not.

      This is just lazy commenting — I expect better from a regular like you.

      Also, LeBron is, without a doubt, one of the best passers in today’s game AND of all-time. No hyperbole. His timing, touch, court awareness … it’s right there with Bird, Magic, Kidd, etc.

      • good to know that you have some kind of expectations, that’s actually encouraging^^

        and you know I love you guys, but “they’re not” isn’t a super powerful counterargument… I’m not trying to randomly complain and/or front (the internet makes people seem pissy all the time for some reason). I’m just saying that as far as I remember, the reasoning behind not talking about the lakers was that everybody was saying the same things over and over again without anything actually changing, which became kinda tiring. so how’s that logically different from the heatstreak? I guess talking about winning teams is more fun that ripping losing teams, that’s fair. and trey you’re right that there aren’t a lot of super hot storylines out there right now. but you always find interesting stuff to talk about, and while that is even true with regard to the heat (I hadn’t heard the cross-court-passing bit before anywhere^^) it just feels that there’s not whole lot to be learned about the heat right now that we didn’t know last week.
        I’ll still #respect your heat talk and I’d listen to the fix if you’d talk about them for 2h straight, but personally speaking it kinda wears me out a bit.
        (also I still don’t think lebron’s up there passing wise, but he’s an amazing passer so we can all agree to that)

        • I’m with telecustom on this one. If I wanted to hear about the Lakers being under .500 or the Heat’s winning streak, I’d watch Sportscenter/PTI/Around the Horn/First Take and every other ESPN program that has decided this is the only interesting thing left happening in basketball.

          Even with relatively few games on last night, saying there is NOTHING else to talk about in basketball is simply not trying. But alas, the curse of the small market teams … if you aren’t threatening to bump THE LAKERS or THE HEAT out of the playoffs, why bother? Why talk about a team that isn’t going to win the championship because championshipz/playoffz are the only thing that matters?

          I’m obviously exaggerating here, but it does seem like we’re going to have THE STREAK lead the show until it’s over. (And small market fans have huge chips in our shoulders because screw ESPN, we exist too)

          • My favorite episode this season was the one where you talked about the Timberwolves. Can’t wait for next season’s episode about them.

            *s**t-eating grin*

      • If the Heat swear jar is out of the question, how about finally adopting this as the crossfire theme already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M-WmQWEJRo

        LeBron is a solid passer, but throwing lobs or passing to your uncovered stationary target teammates at the three point line doesn’t really showcase superior passing. I don’t want to downplay his overall passing skills because they’re solid, but I’d be hesitant to include him on an “all-time” short list of best passers… That’s a bit bold, in my opinion.

    • Agree with telecustom regarding Lebron’s passing. He is a great passer and probably a top 5 or 10 passer in the nba right now. But all time? Please, let’s not get carried away. Personally I consider him a big so he’s definitely in the conversation (!) as far as bigs are concerned. But I don’t even think he’s the best passing big. I’d rather have Bill Walton, for example, distribute than Lebron.

      • Skeets was talking about cross-court passes, not just “passing” in general. Those guys usually are stationary and hitting them in the shooting pocket is an important part of that pass. Like Tas said, there’s no way to know who’s the best at that, but LeBron is VERY good at it. (Also Josh Smith, sometimes.)

        • He did specify cross-court passing in the show, but I thought Skeets was talking overall passing in the comments. My bad.

  6. tobias “the dr funke” harris

  7. Hair duo for you guys

    Faried and wilson chandler.

  8. so how would dwight win in that free throw show if he starts with 0 bricks? If he misses one free throw and then hits 3 in a row right after that and removes the only brick he wins after just taking 4 total free throws? Or does he have to hit at least 80 free throws and have 0 bricks remaining?

    • since he has to prove that he can hit a respectable amount of free throws I’d agree with your proposal – he has to hit at least 8 out of 10 or better yet 80 of 100 or so.

  9. Aren’t Chris Bosh’s photobombs live performance art in action?

  10. Shumpert and Copeland have been dying to get into this hair-duo upper-echelon for weeks.

  11. After working with GP the glove in the coming offseason Wall will be DPOY within the next two seasons. MARK MY WORDS

  12. Look at Skeets calling people out, gotta love the passion he has for what he does.

    It’s cool J.E , Trey’s got your back.


  13. The Heat are in the midst of accomplishing something that hasn’t been done in 40 years, and we may be watching the most uniquely talented player of all time play the best stretch of ball in his career. But yes, by all means, let’s all bitch until the hosts of the free podcast that we tune into every day talk about something else.

  14. Jae Crowder and a bearded Dirk has to be up there or Michael Beasley and a greasy Luis Scola

  15. Kosta Koufos isn’t getting nearly enough consideration as a Faried running mate. I never know what’s going on up there, i just know its always a guarantee to be unsightly.

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