Ballin: John Wall, you guys. John. Wall. 47 points, 13-22 shooting, 19-24 from the free throw line, seven rebounds, eight assists, a steal, a block and only two turnovers in the Wizards’ win over the Grizzdogs. Yeah, Marc Gasol didn’t play, but that’s still an outstanding performance that I’m sure Washington fans will take in stride and not immediately assume means a playoff berth next season.

Not so much: The Denver Nuggets finally lost after 15 straight wins, dropping a game to the Hornets by 24. Denver had won their previous two meetings by a combined 33 points, so kind of a bummer way to end the streak.

Shakey bakes: Steve Nash is over here and so is Stephen Curry. No wait, Stephen Curry is over there now.

I’m trying to work out a Steve Nash-Stephen Curry-Steve Urkel-Stefan Urquelle joke but I just can’t seem to place it. Probably has something to do with the Lakers losing three straight and holding just a one-game lead over the Jazz for the last playoff spot in the West. If you figure it out, let me know.

Shuffles: The Pacers beat the Hawks in a battle of whose 90s jerseys used to be the most yellow. The win also gave Indiana sole possession of the second seed in the Eastern Conference. Gerald Green did good, so there you go.

Throw it up: Want to feel bad for Beno Udrih? Watch him concede a layup to Norris Cole because he knows Slow Norris wants to throw LeBron James an alley-oop, only to have Norris Cole throw LeBron the alley-oop anyways.

To make things worse, the NBA’s YouTube channel named this the “International League Pass play of the day,” which always goes to foreign players. So basically, pretty underwhelming night for foreign players.

Finally: Last night’s win over the 76ers was the Jazz’s first since the All-Star break that came on the same night as a Lakers loss. They had lost their previous four games in that scenario, which is precisely the opposite of how you want to handle a playoff race.

Blood leg: Kobe Bryant’s ankle is fine, I think.

As you’ve probably gathered, even though this dunk was spectacular, the Lakers still lost and hold just a one-game lead over the Jazzers for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference.

Other things: Nifty alley-oop from LeBron to LeBird … How much would it cost to have Kent Bazemore celebrate every significant accomplishment in your life? Asking for myself … Highlights of John Wall’s career-high 47 points … Don’t ask Randy Wittman about the circus … Kevin Garnett could miss up to two weeks with an ankle injury