A list of NBA dogs


Inspired by today’s show, here is a list of NBA dogs.

  • Chris Kanine
  • Jack Russell Westbrook
  • Trevor Retriza
  • Jason Terrier
  • Dalmashawn Marion
  • Kirk Weimerhinrich
  • St. Bernard James
  • Jan Viszlay
  • Kyle Corgi
  • Salukeith Bogans
  • Dog Shammdog
  • Shiba Enes Kanter
  • Carmalamute Anthony
  • Dachshund Rivers
  • Cocker Daniel “Boobie” Gibson
  • Brandon Basset
  • Darren Collieson
  • Bichon Livingston
  • Chow Gasol
  • Dobermanu Ginobili
  • Jodie Great Pyreneeks
  • Ian Beagle
  • Cujoakim Noah
  • Lassie Belfair
  • Rip Hamilton-tin-tin
  • Nando de Shiloh

Please, please, please add your own in the comments. It will make you feel great.

Comments (84)

  1. muggsy milkbogues

  2. though he was already used, Trevor Akita

  3. Aaron Grayhound

  4. Caron/Jimmy Muttler

  5. Gilbert “Shih-in-your-Tzu” Arenas

  6. Lab Melo? Bradley Beagle?

  7. Jason Terrier… and bla blah because the comment is too short.

  8. David Westie Terrier

  9. porter, terrier

  10. I think it should be Dalmashaun Prince.

  11. Dirk “The Big German Shepherd” Nowitzki

  12. Aw, dammit. I skimmed the original list.

  13. Toney Puglas…

  14. Legitimately tried to get my mom to name her new dog Ricky Woofio but she said it’d be weird after Ricky leaves in 2 years. Even mothers recognize stars don’t play in small markets :(

  15. Presa Canario Chalmers

  16. Pups Mensah-Bonsu

  17. Rashar-Pei Lewis, Metta World Pekingese

  18. Chris Bosh-ton Terrier

  19. Just the sort of quality blogging I expect from The Bassetball Jones

  20. Darren Collieson

  21. A friend of mine named her pooch “Spencer Pawes”

  22. Puggsy Bogues, Pug Collins, Shane Baterrier

  23. Malamute Lee, Sebassethound Telfair, DeMar DeRhodesian Ridgeback

  24. veteran presence Derek Pinscher

  25. how did no one mention Carlos Poodlefino yet?

  26. Terry Porterguese Water Dog

  27. Kurt Thomeranian

  28. Hamed Ha’lassie and Nicollier Pekovic

  29. Great Dane Ainge

  30. jose chihuahuan barea.
    also, “german boobies gibson”, because in german pugs and boobs can be translated with the same word (möpse). so that’s a complicated one but whatever.

  31. is there an internet compilation of nba players actual dogs? this should happen

  32. Fear the deer…hound!

  33. Charles BARKley: The Hound Hound of Rehound

  34. Puggsy Bogues

    Poochie Blaylock

    Chris Canaan

    Blake Griffon

    World Breed Free?

    Dikembe Mutombone

    Bob Whippet

    Rin-tin-TIm Duncan

    Jason KapoNorfolk Terrier

    He won’t be in the league till next year, but Corgi Dieng is a really tight one

  35. Jodie Meekingese
    Poohdle Richardson
    Majerle and Me
    Air Bud Webb
    Tyler Houndsborough
    Kobeagle Bryant
    Caron Muttler
    Kerry Kibbles

  36. Beagle Baby Davis
    Bismack Biyombone
    Chowcey Billups
    Dobermanu Ginobili
    Mastiff Morris
    Spaniel Gibson
    Brandon Basset
    Rodrigue Beauceron
    Jason Collie
    Earl Chihuahuatson
    Chinook Lopez
    Nikola Pekingese

  37. Dog Shammdog blew my world away and is actually making my day a better day

  38. Going back to the archives:

    Anthony Heeler

  39. Keeshond Prince
    (pronounced kayz-haund)

    Oliver Miller and Company

    Lady and the Dampier

    Enes Panter

  40. Sasha Pavlov’sbitch

  41. andre drumhound
    kyle spangler

  42. Corgi Brewer

    Nick “Shaggy D” Young

    Old Bonzi Weller


    J.E. Treats
    Tas Melassie
    Spay Kerby
    Collie Ellis
    Mutt Osten
    Jason Doypoodle

    Features: “Whoa, Boy!” “

  44. Pawmed haddadi
    Sebastian tail-fair
    Vlad di-back hand slap that bitch
    (It works)

  45. Named my dog Perry Jones III. Unlike brooks, I give him playing time.

  46. A lot of incredibly solid entries up there hahaha

    Best I could think of:

    Moochihuahua Norris

    Chow Ming

    Cocker Spaniel Gibson.

    Chris Canaan

    Jerry West Highland Terrier

    Jeff Beagle (Jeff Teague)… Jeff Teagle also works

    Craig Elo (Elo is a dog. Ehlo was the player haha)

    Jerry Lucas Terrier

    Dirk No-Shi-tzu

  47. Ronny TuriAfghan

    Anatolian McDyess

  48. Charles BARKley

  49. Corgi Bryant.


  50. Airedale Terrier Jordan
    Rick Fox
    St. Bernard King
    Delonte West Highland Terrier
    Swaggy P-oodle
    Manute Bol Mastiff

  51. Arnett Maltese
    Saluki Walker
    Rodrique Dogue de Bordeaux
    Jeremy and Deron Lambrador
    Jiri Welsh Springer Spaniel
    Dexter Pitbull

  52. Maurice Hairless Dog.

    I need to stop now or else this will take over my day.

  53. I really want to name a dog Serge Ibarka.

  54. This sucks, but made me laugh……

    Dog-tay Jones

  55. Can’t believe I went with “Maurice Hairless Dog” over “Maurice Barkless” Ok that’s really it. I’m really done now.

  56. Jeff Greenies
    Gerald Pedigreen
    Dennis “the heartworm” Rodman
    Drool Holiday… or maybe Jrool Holiday

  57. Bichon James.



  58. Aaron Grayhound
    Labradorell Wright

  59. Andre Iwoofdala
    Kendrik Perkignese
    Jeremy Lin-tin-tin
    Good Boy Hibbert

  60. Sergeberian Ibaksky

  61. Tony Wrotenweiler Jr

  62. Scooby Jrue Holiday

  63. Huclklelarry HOUNDERS!

    I’ll stop now

  64. K-9 Martin
    Rasheed Wallace and Gromit
    Javale McGruff

  65. coached by Greg Puppavich

  66. LEBITCH JAMES (drops mic)

  67. Drool holiday = win

    Courtney leash

  68. Terrence Rossweiler.

    Moe Barkless.

    Luc Richard Alaskan M’alamuté.

    Derek-man Pinscher.

    Damian Old Yellerd.

    Steve Novak Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

    Andrea Basenji.

    Great Dane Battier.

    Jeremy Pug-o.

    Luol Dingo.

    Anderson Vare-chow.

    Jerry Stackhousebroken.

    Al Farouq Shiba Inu.

    Kemba Chihuahuwalker.

    Air Budinger.

    Kevin Puppy Love.

    Maltese Speights.

    JJ your dog’s Redick is showing.

  69. Woobly O’ Barks
    Jonas Valenpoodle

  70. Metta World Pekingese
    Chihuahua Bell
    Rajon Rondoberman

  71. Weimaranerson Verejao
    Golden Retrievernon Maxwell
    Carlos Boozer

  72. How come Chris Paw is not on this list?

  73. kennel faried ?

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