Ep. 954: The Singapore Streak

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss the Mavs biggest win of the season, an entertaining CP3 vs. Dirk duel, Blake’s questionable offensive foul call, why the Clippers stopped attacking the paint, booing Lamar, an efficient J.R. Smith, K-Mart’s recent play, and Avery Bradley’s offensive struggles.

All that, plus a game of “Would You Rather,” Moses, beards, attending pre-game shootarounds, the Charles BARK-ley All-Stars, and Leigh’s most impressive streak.


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  1. Love how quickly you guys get the podcast uploaded on iTunes, maybe 40 minutes after you finish recording? Awesome

  2. I wonder what will be the “locked in” score at the end of the season.
    I bet there’s someone out there getting ready to give the answer…

  3. Fantastic show…certainly a Beckinsale considering Mattie-O and Leigh got some burn at the end! Also shout out to Trey for the Corgi reference–love them, have two.

  4. Trey-Z! BIG UPS on the Edo.G Reference! You and Skeets’ hip hop knowledge just gives me another reason to love the show. Do you listen to his new stuff with Masta Ace? Best rapper in Boston

  5. I’m glad you guys mentioned the similarities between Jordan Crawford and JR Smith… Celtics fans (myself included) have to think this is the type of potential Ainge et al were thinking of when they dealt for Crawford, young enough to mould into a perennial game changer who every now and then reverts back to his old self and simply chucks… that said, I’ve been impressed with JR’s play this year, especially with all the injuries.

    Extended thoughts?

  6. Corey Brewer (ring) or Steve Nash (HOF)?
    Mario Chalmers or Steve Nash?
    Leon Powe (maybe the best example of “short career”) or Steve Nash?

    Is there any role-player you would rather be than (two-time MVP) Steve Nash?

  7. Long hall of fame career without a doubt. It’s not even close. Imagine down the line after your career has finished, you would have a much greater legacy as a hall of famer rather than some role player guy who won a ring. You would also have accumulated a lot more money off shoe deals and other sorts of endorsements than the role player.

  8. I am really glad someone else is having a hard time telling Martin and Melo apart.

  9. Have to agree with Monk. Making 5-10 million or 250 million means a different life for generations. See how many rings are available to purchase from down and out athletes.

    • haha who is buying these championship rings? no point unless you earned it

      i would rather receive an NBA paycheck for 15 years and lose, as opposed to winning 1 time … who wouldn’t?

  10. nahh.. I’m going ring. I read David’s comments during the show and went “well duh obviously he’s right!” but when it came to the actual segment, Leigh’s laid back approach convinced me.
    1) bragging rights. priceless. no one can ever come at you. you’ve got your ring!
    2) you’re rich anyway. marginal utility – the difference between 5 and 100 million $ isn’t as important as the difference between no money and 5 million $. and you don’t wanna completely spoil your children by being mindnumbingly rich. paris hilton anyone?
    and last not least:
    3) as a short career role player w/ ring you maxed out! what more could you possibly have done? you made the best out of your abilities. whereas as a HOF dude without a ring you ultimately failed, since you obviously had the ability to get it done but didn’t. your nba peers will forever rub it in. -> see 1).

  11. hall of fame trumps roll player with a ring without a doubt.

    no role player with a ring can come at reggie or chuck or (possibly) nash or stockton or malone.

    • well, true, but kobe or timmy or magic can come at reggie or chuck or stockton! and e.g. chuck ain’t got nothing on kenny when it comes to that. because just saying that you’re better than someone who never even attempted to be in your league is just classless, and you shouldn’t play that card – you don’t go there.
      but since both kenny and chuck, to go with that example, did what was asked of them in their respective roles, but only kenny ultimately won, he can always play that card. it’s a stupid card, sure, but kinda effective to shut people up if you use it correctly.

  12. G’day gents,

    First post but as an Aussie living in Singapore I had to comment on Leigh’s streak. It’s not healthy holding it in and feel sorry for bathroom afterwards.

    Btw, great job on the podcast.



    nice opening picture, leigh (i gotta assume you picked it…i remember staying up to watch that, awesome bloody match)

  14. I can vouch for Leigh’s praise of the Singapore airport. It is second to none worldwide. But the stopover you want for a visit to the WC is Tokyo-Narita. If you find one of those toilets with the seat warmers, you are it heaven for however long it takes.

    I got a streak of never seeing a single Bond movie. Seen a lotta flicks, but never a 007.

  15. To Leigh from one Aussie dad to another. Ignore the constant jibes from the others about not getting along to the games. Family comes first, so make sure that wife and child of yours are all set before you get back into it.

  16. I would rather have the Hall of Fame, that lasts forever. I wouldn’t want to be a Steve Kerr. Or would I….
    And my current streak, been of age to drink for about 4 years, never been drunk!

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