DJ STEVE PORTER IS BACK IN THE BUILDING, Y’ALL!!! (Explosion sound effect)

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  1. OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BORING, stop talking about the heat!!
    just kidding. steve porter is pretty incredible, even if those tunes actually kinda suck… but you gotta #respect his craft.

  2. Little preemptive, no? Feel like Miami breaking the record is doomed to failure now…ok not really, but if they do fall short I blame this video.

  3. I watched that and possibly barfed up a few chunks. Hating the Heat like I do, these are the darkest days of my NBA fandom. Catchy tune though, I suppose.

  4. This is alright; but I think the DJ Steve Porter bar was already set higher than this with the Shamwow and Slap Chop remixes. Them shits was dope.

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