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On today’s live Overdose, The Basketball Jones discuss the Bulls snapping the Heat’s 27-game win streak, LeBron’s post-game comments, whether the Lakers can hold to a playoff spot without Ron-Ron, ditching conferences for the playoffs, individual postseason debuts we’re excited to see, and some of our favorite NBA wild finishes — Tyreke Evans, Rodney Rogers, Derek Fisher, etc.

All that, plus Kanye West lyrics, mimes, and we say goodbye to the 2012-13 Orlando Magic.


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  1. Three things:

    1. I fucked up the date off the top of the show. Great start, right? Today’s date is March 28th.

    2. I really fucked up that whole “we could see the lowest seed to ever make the Sweet Sixteen” thing in Rapid Fire. We’re already at the Sweet Sixteen. Duh. I meant the Elite Eight. And I’m still not even sure I had my facts right. I think a No. 12 seed made the Elite Eight back in 2002. Basically, I know nothing about college basketball and I should I probably stop talking about it.

    Cool story, bro.

    3. Thanks for listening, and have a great Easter weekend … if you’re into that sort of thing.

    • Fix back Tuesday?

    • You can see some historical info here: http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/ncaa-tournament/history/finalfourseeds . Scroll to “Farthest Seeds Have Advanced…”

      Florida Gulf Coast was a 15 seed and became the first 15 seed ever to make the Sweet Sixteen, beating the old Sweet Sixteen worst seed record of 14 shared by two teams. Amusingly, thanks to FGCU’s win over San Diego State, 15 seeds now have a better winning percentage in the round of 32 than they do in the round of 64.

      One 12 seed has made the Elite Eight.

      Three 11 seeds have made the Final Four, one of which was the George Mason team that Trey remembers, although he had their seed wrong.

      Jacque Vaughn used to be my favorite player, and he once missed 22 or 23 in a row.

  2. I can’t believe most teams have 10 games or so remaining….the playoff seeding and races are damn hot this season.

  3. totally glad I complained about streaktalk a game before it ended^^

    great live fix – any chance this is gonna happen more or is this a special easter thing?

  4. Another great finish was the Pistons/Nuggets game where Sheed stole the ball off an inbounds and hit the 3/4 court heave to send the game to OT.


    • How about game 7, 2nd round 2001 playoffs- Vince Carter graduates from college that morning, flies to Philadelphia for an evening game, has the opportunity to win the game as time expires with the Raptors down 2, gets a great look, the Wachovia Center has a collective heart attack, back iron, Sixers advance to ECF and eventually NBA finals to end the Lakers undefeated streak and VC’s career is never the same. Powerful turn of events.

  5. My totally biased favorite ending was Latrell Sprewell for a baseline 3 off a double screen against Atlanta on Jan 19 1994 against the mighty Atlanta Hawks. I imagine Leigh has this game on tape somewhere.


    Great finish – but certainly not the greatest in NBA history. But I was in college, in the US Midwest, and – because of their recent history – the Warriors were never ever on national TV. The best I could usually hope for was maybe 10 seconds of highlights on Sportscenter. The one team I could see them play was the Hawks, because of the pervasive reach of TBS Superstation. This game was one of maybe 2-3 that I saw all year, I took it in in the dorm lounge (because rooms did not have cable) and it was the game that signaled that they really were a serious team with the arrival of Webber, before everything collapsed into a godforsaken 12-year pile of shit the following season.

    • WTF is with that angry clap by Avery Johnson before the free throw?!?

    • oh my god, everything about this is perfect: your story, the actual play (amazing play and pinpoint pass from AJ!), the JERSEYS IN THAT VIDEO!! (warriors of course, but also the freakin hawks jersey that’s so underrated and which they totally should wear again) and also your name.

      as a wise man once said:
      I like you, you make me feel good

  6. I agree with Leigh during the whole alternate playoff seeding discussion. I like Karl’s idea of taking the top 8 teams from each conference and seeding them 1-16 based on record. But, like Leigh, I don’t think you should re-seed after every round. Theoretically, a 16 seed would have to go through the 1, 2, 3, and 4 seeds in order to win a championship (if all of the other series had the higher seed advance). The disadvantage of being is a 16 seed is obviously having to play the best team in the league in the very first round. That is a big enough disadvantage…I don’t think you need to pile on with forcing them to go through the next 3 highest seeds. They should get the “benefit
    of playing the 8/9 winner just like the 1 seed would’ve had. The 16 seed has proved over the course of the regular season that they probably can’t hold up in a playoff atmosphere, so there’s no need to punish them further.

  7. Why is Kenyon a fast walker? Cause he studied a Kenyan marchin.

  8. All Time Great Finnish:
    Lakers vs. Blazers 2004 – Kobe hits a ridiculous buzzer beating three to send the game to overtime, and then follows that up by hitting a buzzer beating fade-away three to win the game. Playoff seeding implications made the game situation even more important.


  9. Didn’t Jacque Vaughn go half a season without hitting a shot? Either with Atlanta or Jersey can’t remember….

  10. Favorite finishes:

    Bulls/Pacers in 1994 – Reggie hits a long two to give the Pacers a two-point lead with 0.8 seconds left & proceeds to bow to the Bulls fans in Chicago Stadium. Toni Kukoc then banks a three at the buzzer to give the Bulls the one-point win.


    Magic/Spurs in 2007 – With the game tied & 0.8 seconds left, the Magic have one last chance to avoid overtime. Hedo throws a perfect lob to a still likable Dwight, who catches it with one hand & throws it down. Pop & the Spurs are stunned.


    • I’m still shocked just much my perceptions have changed over time… is it just me or was reggie miller just the coolest dude back in the day?!
      look at him now…
      “si tacuisses cool guy mansisses. fortasse.”

  11. Speaking of the Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, we need a Old School Wrestling Blank Jones this off season.

    Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, etc.

  12. I was too young to witness this live, but I love watching classic games and I think this is one of the craziest endings I’ve ever seen:

    Spoiler alert for lifelong Laker fans: this is Ralph Sampson using a volleyball back set to end the 1986 Lakers’ playoff run, down by 1, with 1 second left.

  13. Where are the book off picks?

    Payoff on Monday???

  14. Almost sent my first tweet to join the TOTW Army, but didn’t think I would have to. I figured that the official Thunder Stats & Info tweets about Derek Fisher were a no brainer! Especially the one that brought in half court shots by fans since that was recently discussed:

    “Derek Fisher in his last 5 games is 0-14 from the field. Thunder fans in the last 6 homes (sic) games are 2-6 from half court.”

    It’s probably been deleted by now, but screen caps of it are out there. The 0-fer was even discussed.

  15. When you run into Kenyon when he is hanging at his breakfast bar what is he doing?…….. Kenyon Pop-tart’n

  16. When he dreams of space what is his name? Kenyon Martian

    Who is his favorite character in the movie 300? Kenyon Spartan

    What will Shaq say if he wins a championship? Ken yon dig it

    What is his favorite monument? Grand Kenyon

    Who stunk up the team bus? Kenyon Fartin

  17. If Kenyon Martin was from another planet, what would you call him?

    Kenyon Martian!

  18. Gimme some raptor news!
    Not technically the end of the game since it went to over time but I loved this classic Morris Peterson shot as a Canadian basketball fan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5bqF4VDSx4

  19. The playoffs are seeded by conference because no one wants to stay up till 10:30 on the east coast to watch first round playoff games and the people on the west coast don’t want their playoff games starting while they’re at work. It would hurt ratings and make everyone sleepy/miss their team’s playoff games.

    Also, any time a player or coach talks about how the season should be shorter, a reporter should ask them whether they’d give up 1/8 (or 1/4 or whatever) of their salary to make it happen. I bet most of them would shut the fuck up pretty quickly.

    • “The playoffs are seeded by conference because no one wants to stay up till 10:30 on the east coast …”

      Yeah, I only do this every second night.

      • Well, chilled out bros in their 20′s/early 30′s don’t mind staying up for some playoff basketball, maybe with a couple brewskis, bro. But there are other demographics to consider, and a lot of west coast bros can’t get home from work until 6 or even LATER, man.

    • The implicit (incorrect) assumption in your statement is coaches don’t work when they aren’t playing games. For example, you don’t think coaches wouldn’t love having more practice time in between games?

      • That’s not the point Wilson. Less games, less money to go around, I think that was what Rosenpenis (great name…) was talking about.

        • Correct. Less games means less revenue at the gate and less TV revenue. I suppose one could argue that you might see a spike in ratings as each individual game became more meaningful, but I doubt you’d see much of a spike if the league cut 10 or 20 games, certainly not enough to make up for 10 or 20 fewer broadcasts.

  20. If you sim out the playoffs seeding everyone 1-16 instead of with the East/West seedings, it is surprising how little changes. The Nuggets, however, would be helped. They’d get home court in an extra series and probably make it to the semifinals where they would be destroyed by the Heat. We’d still end up with a Heat v. SA or OKC final, and there wouldn’t be any really crazy matchups.

    Also, “hoick” is a legit word that Leigh pretty much used correctly. It essentially means “a quick, jerky motion.”

  21. Hey guys,

    Based on this youtube video, is it outrageous to think that Canada could actually beat the US in the 2020 Olympics?


  22. Miami = Sob City.

  23. “well if anyone does….inbox me…. and wel shout it out” rofl

    why not try and get leigh to rap since he’s already flowing

  24. My fave finishes? Trey will like these…

    1993–Bulls/Suns G 6–down two and Paxson hits the three..then HORACE GRANT BLOCKS KJ AT THE BUZZER! I watch highlights of that now and STILL high-five 13-y-o me.

    1997–Bulls/Jazz Game 6–bulls down 1 and jordan draws the double team…swings it to kerr for the midrange j w/5 sec left. Jazz have plenty of time to run a play, but PIP CUTS OF THE LAZY INBOUNDS AND POKES IT TO KUKOC FOR THE DUNK! I accidentally kicked over my parents’ coffee table.

    • Or….the greatest NBA game of all time…Game 5 of the ’76 Finals, PHX-BOS. YouTube that ish.

    • Kevin Johnson was fouled.

      • This is a joke, right? That is perhaps the cleanest block in NBA history in terms of proof of it being blocked. Despite being before the days of HD the entire block and follow-through is crystal clear with no obstructions of either player’s hand. If you’re basing it just off of memory you might want to go check YouTube, there should still be plenty of clips of it. The Bulls actually run that replay often on TV here in Chicago as it’s part of the defense-themed ad that is in their current ‘Chicago Basketball’ ad campaign. If you can’t find a clear clip of the original play just search for that ad.

        Seriously. Crystal. Clear. I don’t know how this isn’t the most indisputable game-ending play of all time.

  25. The problem with reseeding is that teams in the East and the West are built specifically to beat win three playoff rounds in their own respective conferences. It’s the reason why Perkins is on the Thunder or the Bulls felt they could go cheap last off-season in a weak East. There’s less incentive for teams in the East to be just as good as a team like Denver when they can get a home playoff series spending less money and being less talented. The Celtics aren’t going to blow up their team by trading Pierce or KG when they know the East is weaker. They are specifically gearing their strategy to beating two shitty Eastern teams and then the Heat. This doesn’t exactly inspire the best basketball but you can’t blame the owners for doing just enough to get as far as possible (which is the 2nd round for a lot of weaker playoff teams).

    Any new system would have to give time for teams to adjust their strategies. Note: This doesn’t really hold for the top top teams which are building their rosters to beat one another instead of the teams in their conference.

  26. I thought Gibson should have been called a flagrant 1 for the shot in the face on LeBron in the first half too. Gibson knows exactly what he’s doing. The second one was also a flagrant. It’s no accident. It’s not “tough”, it’s just trying to beat up and injure stars. I don’t want to see it done to Derrick Rose, or to LeBron, or to Kobe or anyone else, not get applauded.

  27. How about…

    A team plays other teams within its own division 4 times (16 games) plus other teams within its conference 3 times (30 games) plus teams from the other conference twice (30 games) equals 76 games.

    When playing a team 3 times per season, the home court advantage switches from one year to the next.

    This would give more meaning to divisional rivals and if you win your division, then you have to finish top 6 overall. Next 10 playoff spots go to next 10 best records.

    Cool story, bro.

  28. i loved that Rodney Rogers finish too. Was blown away when i heard about his HORRIFC injury.

    Also good was the Dana Baros one for the 76ers where he catches and shoots a game winning 3 in the one motion while in the air. i think against the sonics….

    Another good one is from one of the NBA VHS compilations where Barkely hits a game winning 3 earlier in his career for the sixers, but the commentator loses his shit “Barkley for 3…. OOOOOOOOHHH”. Good times

    Like Leigh, I too have a bunch of VHS tapes i need to convert to DVD

  29. What’s his favorite drink? Kenyon Martini.

  30. My favourite finish, though not particularly important or largely memorable (though it’s extremely hilarious) pits the 1999-2000 New Jersey Nets against the Philadelphia 76ers, in Philly. Come on this journey with me.

    It’s 87-87 with 37 seconds left and the Nets have the ball. Stephon Marbury dribbles it around at the top for a while, before driving and kicking to Keith Van Horn in the corner, who hits to put the Nets up by 3 with 30 to play. The Sixers inbound to Iverson (who else?) and dribble up, Iverson, as he does, dribbles the ball around until there’s 22 seconds left before hitting a three to tie the game at 90 apiece. What comes next is still one of the funniest things I’ve seen on an NBA court.

    The Nets inbound the ball. They get it to Marbury on the second pass and Stephon proceeds to dribble it up slowly, yelling at his teammates in the process. In these days, it was a 10 second rule, not 8, remember. The clock ticks down slowly, 14… 13… 12… whistle. He doesn’t get it over half court before the violation. The crowd goes bonkers, and of course, so does Stephon. It was so awesome. I wish I could find a youtube clip of it.

    Oh and of course, Larry Hughes of all people hits the game winning tip with no time left. There’s nothing better than Stephon Marbury screwing it up yet again.

  31. Who is his favourite Canadian singer? KenJann Arden (bit of a stretch).

    Throw back to the James Harden pun gun!

  32. What’s his favorite fictional car? The Kenyonaro

  33. I hear he actually has both Scottish and African roots; I once saw him wearing an Kenyan tartan.

  34. Liked the conversation about Derek Fisher’s streak of 18 straight missed shots. I remember in 2009 Marco Jaric had a streak of 23 missed shots (http://www.realclearsports.com/lists/nba_least_valuable_players/marko_jaric.html).

    It was during the time he was getting married too, so maybe that had something to do with it?

  35. Trey, don’t worry.. I get your Trinidad James references!

  36. So I can never see Tas’ mime act?

  37. The Lebron complaints, I get them. You see, he plays tough, and rarely fouls, and except that frustration play with Boozer, (and he did choose a big fella to do it), he does not grab, reach from behind with no possibility of reaching the ball, or strike players heads. That’s not his game. Because, like him or hate him, the man likes to play basketball, and those are really not basketball plays. Gibson’s foul was definitely a flagrant, not near the ball, strikes the player, hard, was it a dirty play? I don’t think so, but a flagrant with excessive use of force, yes.

  38. Hold on. Are you guys saying people were offering you money to sponsor your podcast but you turned them down because it was “too unwieldy”?

    Tony Allen must be crying somewhere because that’s the opposite of grindin’.

  39. Who’s his favourite Game of Thrones character?
    Benjen Stark-in

  40. I really want to listen to the 4 NBA preview podcasts they did back in October. But the player in the archives doesn’t work, and using feedburner yields a “media not available” result. Can’t find the show on iTunes either. HELP!!! =)

  41. Great finish:

    Barkley hits game winner against Portland after awkward inbound pass from Ceballos with 0.05 left. Ceballos HOIKS it up and it clangs off the backboard, Barkley picks it up and throws it in.

    Best part is, at the 00:50 mark of this video, you can hear someone say, “They’re gonna bounce it off the backboard.”


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