Ballin: 14 games last night with a myriad of possibilities to give this tremendous honor, but I’m seriously choosing Reggie Evans and his 22-point, 26-rebound performance in a Nets win. Only took 13 shots as well, so that’s neat.

Not so much: Another guy who took 13 shots is Klay Thompson. He made one and the Warriors lost. Making your shots helps your team win games.

Jump, jump: Hey Chris Bosh, there’s a Jimmy Butler on your back. And oops, he’s dunking.

Best dunk ever by a guy who could join Lil Boosie’s posse without anyone noticing? Probably.

Bottomfeeders: HUGE win for the Bobcats last night, whose victory over the Magic brings them within a half-game of those Magic to not have the worst record in the entire league. Gotta start somewhere.

Spoilsports: The Hawks beat the Raptors by 19, the Clippers beat the Hornets by 15 and the Thunder beat the Wizards by 23 because some people just despise spoilers. Like it’s a big deal to learn that Dumbledore eats Snape and turns Hermione in to a troll in the last Harry Potter book.

Greenies: Jeff Green has a very accurate internal clock.

If I were the Cavs, I’d mostly blame this on Wayne “My Crush with Eyeliner” Ellington and Shaun Livingston being so skinny that even when they’re standing next to each other a full-grown person can fit between them. Eat something, guys.

New streak: Following the Bulls’ righteous victory over the Heat and the Knicks’ own win over the Grizzbombs, New York now has the longest active winning streak in the league. However, I don’t think we’re going to be talking about a six-game streak all that often.

Deepsy: The Nuggets went 0-10 from three while the Spurs sank 10-15. Guess who won? (Hint: You should guess the Spurs since they had a one-point lead at the end of regulation.)

Change this face: You’ve heard of superstar calls, but how about superstar non-calls?

This is probably the most angry you’ll ever see Ricky Rubio. He probably had to cuddle his teddy bears extra hard last night.

Pacing: The Lakers won last night, thanks to that egregious no-call you see right up there. But the Jazz won too, handling the Suns — something the Lakers have had a bunch of problems with lately — and remain a game out of the last playoff spot in the Western Conference.

Anti-pacing: The Milwaukee Bucks lost their fourth straight game last night, which is also their seventh loss in their last nine games. Of course, they’re still six-and-a-half games up on the 76ers for eighth in the East, so this is more about becoming one of those jerky sub-.500 teams to make the playoffs than anything else. Cool plan.

Other things: Phil Jackson’s first tweet ever was an instant classic … #Respect to these Heat fans and their LeBron signs … Metta World Peazy is basically out for the season … David Lee’s elbow strike earned him a retroactive flagrant foul, so maybe Dwight Howard doesn’t need to punch him any more … Cool jacket, Kobe. Cool new nickname you gave yourself