Ballin: 14 games last night with a myriad of possibilities to give this tremendous honor, but I’m seriously choosing Reggie Evans and his 22-point, 26-rebound performance in a Nets win. Only took 13 shots as well, so that’s neat.

Not so much: Another guy who took 13 shots is Klay Thompson. He made one and the Warriors lost. Making your shots helps your team win games.

Jump, jump: Hey Chris Bosh, there’s a Jimmy Butler on your back. And oops, he’s dunking.

Best dunk ever by a guy who could join Lil Boosie’s posse without anyone noticing? Probably.

Bottomfeeders: HUGE win for the Bobcats last night, whose victory over the Magic brings them within a half-game of those Magic to not have the worst record in the entire league. Gotta start somewhere.

Spoilsports: The Hawks beat the Raptors by 19, the Clippers beat the Hornets by 15 and the Thunder beat the Wizards by 23 because some people just despise spoilers. Like it’s a big deal to learn that Dumbledore eats Snape and turns Hermione in to a troll in the last Harry Potter book.

Greenies: Jeff Green has a very accurate internal clock.

If I were the Cavs, I’d mostly blame this on Wayne “My Crush with Eyeliner” Ellington and Shaun Livingston being so skinny that even when they’re standing next to each other a full-grown person can fit between them. Eat something, guys.

New streak: Following the Bulls’ righteous victory over the Heat and the Knicks’ own win over the Grizzbombs, New York now has the longest active winning streak in the league. However, I don’t think we’re going to be talking about a six-game streak all that often.

Deepsy: The Nuggets went 0-10 from three while the Spurs sank 10-15. Guess who won? (Hint: You should guess the Spurs since they had a one-point lead at the end of regulation.)

Change this face: You’ve heard of superstar calls, but how about superstar non-calls?

This is probably the most angry you’ll ever see Ricky Rubio. He probably had to cuddle his teddy bears extra hard last night.

Pacing: The Lakers won last night, thanks to that egregious no-call you see right up there. But the Jazz won too, handling the Suns — something the Lakers have had a bunch of problems with lately — and remain a game out of the last playoff spot in the Western Conference.

Anti-pacing: The Milwaukee Bucks lost their fourth straight game last night, which is also their seventh loss in their last nine games. Of course, they’re still six-and-a-half games up on the 76ers for eighth in the East, so this is more about becoming one of those jerky sub-.500 teams to make the playoffs than anything else. Cool plan.

Other things: Phil Jackson’s first tweet ever was an instant classic … #Respect to these Heat fans and their LeBron signs … Metta World Peazy is basically out for the season … David Lee’s elbow strike earned him a retroactive flagrant foul, so maybe Dwight Howard doesn’t need to punch him any more … Cool jacket, Kobe. Cool new nickname you gave yourself

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  1. Did you see that ESPN took the Thunder/Pacers off of ESPN so they can show a Heat/Bobcats game? Even after the Heat lost they tweeted that they are keeping the Heat/Bobcats game on ESPN because it is more compelling tv than 2 of the top teams in the NBA playing against each other.

  2. Is there an overdose tomorrow?

  3. I really wanna laugh when the Lakers don’t make the playoffs but how will I laugh tomorrow when they don’t call a foul today? \m/

  4. Did JVG say after the Heat lost last night that he was happy to see the Heat mad and walk off the court without shaking hands with the bulls because he hates seeing teams being friendly? I thought if you did it would be called being unsportsman like.

    • As a Heat fan, I’m glad they didn’t shake hands. I watched the end just to make sure they didn’t. The Bulls play the Heat dirty every time they meet. The Bulls (and the Pacers) throw all chances of sportsmanship out of the window at tipoff

  5. Gotta love that no matter who is in uniform for the Bulls or Celtics, they will play the Heat tough (and the refs will allow it). It’s a shame that the teams you want to play Miami in the East might all end up on the opposite side of the bracket.

    • If there is anyone that has a chance against the Heat, they would need the refs on their team – like last nights game.

      • Fukin Heat fans always reckon their team is infallible. Hope you like the decor on that rock you live under.

  6. They said overdose today.

  7. i think jimmy butler (along with rose obviously) is the future of the bulls. hes an athletic 3 who can defend and he’ll probably get better shooting the ball. if i’m not mistaken deng’s contract is up after next season, i let him go and start butler. i don’t really think hes a 2, but next year this could be a paul george/danny granger situation

  8. where is the daily mention that tim duncan looked “spry” last night?

  9. LMFAO at Phil’s tweet: 11 rings and 1 stroke, apparently….

  10. What’s with Rubio’s toe drag right before his shot? It has me perplexed and I can’t stop looking at it.

  11. If you’re keeping track at home, Kobe gets the superstar no-call over Ricky, but Dahntay Jones gets the superstar no-call over Kobe.

    Ricky < Kobe < Dahntay

    It's not easy being Ricky.

  12. It’s a no call. Rubio flopped. Look at the way he throws his head forward after he lets the shot go. There was no contact anywhere near his head.

    • Rubio moved his head forward because Dwight was swiping near his head in an attempt to stop the shot. Besides, Rubio is clearly complaining to the ref that he was fouled on the arm, not the head. Also, the league just told the Timberwolves that a foul should have been called on Kobe.

    • How does that change the contact on his arm? Give him a flopping warning (or probably a fine, I think he’s been warned already) but when someone hits your forearm when you’re shooting then its a foul.

    • The NBA disagrees with you. They issued an apology today.

      I know the Wolves weren’t making the playoffs either way, but last night’s loss officially eliminated them. Being eliminated because of a superstar no-call feels like a fitting way to end this cursed Wolves season.

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