Ep. 956: #Vino

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for: Spoelstra and the Heat, a vintage Dirk performance, Kobe passing Wilt, and Van Earl Wright’s r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-return. Thumbs down for: the Los Angeles Clippers, Raymond Felton talkin’ shit, Andre Drummond’s free-throws, and referee Dan Crawford.

All that, plus fantasy basketball and Lion’s Quest.


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  1. Quick correction: Karl Malone is 4,000+ career points up on Jordan. No idea how I got 700 or so in my head.

  2. hurry up and itunes this sucker so i can go walk my dog!!

  3. If I’m correct this was Applesauce 1…

  4. Pat Riley’s STFU should have been a winner.

  5. I’m with Skeets, I am rooting for the Mavs hard, I would love to see Dirk stick it to the Lakers.

  6. So, between Joakim Noah’s fingerguns, NateRob’s constant chest-bumping and Boozer’s groin-punching… are the Bulls the best celebrators in the NBA?

  7. Tas, Your right about Felton, He needed to keep quiet and not give a very very good Heat any motivation. This will bite the knicks in the butt come Thursday and even the playoffs if they seem them there.

  8. My wife used to have her birthday parties at the same skating rink that ‘tick-tock’ and ‘flip-flop’ used to bust their moves at.

  9. Unwarranted loser of the weekend for Monty Williams. You guys make fun of College Basketball all the time, for good reason, but college basketball used to be awesome, and we (as NBA fans) should want it to be awesome. This made a better NBA as well. instead of having drafts where the top 20 players are all prospects based on athleticism, there would be some guys who actually know how to play the game of basketball, and who spent more than one year dominating college basketball. I get that it sounds petty, but there is definitely SOME truth in what Monty Williams said.

  10. Was that a little nod to Hank (Jeffrey Tambor) from the Larry Sanders Show at the start there with the Applesauce?

  11. Skeets, have you noticed that the announcer guy is like Chris Farley? I just imagine a guy that looks like Farley’s man down by the river whenever i listen to him, it makes for great lulz

  12. Can’t believe Leigh didn’t shout out Mark Jacksons birthday!

  13. Where is the video?

  14. Why the fuck wasn’t this episode called Lion’s Quest?

  15. bit late but Skeeter just wanted to let you know i got the coffee in the syst drop

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