Ballin: Fans of Chris Bosh as a go-to guy probably loved yesterday. Without LeBron and Dwade around to steal his touches, Bosh went for 23 points, nine rebounds and three assists while also knocking down a game-winner which you’ll see in about a paragraph and a half (“parahalf”).

Not so much: The Raptors have lost seven of their last nine, including yesterday’s loss to the Wizards. Said loss brings the two teams to a tie for 10th in the Eastern Conference, for those of you curious about non-playoff seeding.

Fugue state: Here is a slow-mo version of Chris Bosh knocking down a game-winning three, which is great for the Bosh Face enthusiasts among us, since it makes the Bosh Face last so long.

Pretty nice play in standard motion as well, though I’ll admit you don’t get a good shot of the Spurs fan wearing that sweet custom No. 69 jersey, which is a bummer.

Hey there: Remember when Kyrie Irving was probably out for the season? Guess that “probably” was the key, since he was back in business for the Cavs last night. He went for 31 points in a Cavs loss, so pretty much the same as before.

Whoops: Here’s Andre Drummond shooting two consecutive airballs in the fourth quarter of a close basketball game.

Don’t worry — those two airbeezies didn’t come back to haunt the Pistons, and they didn’t go on to lose to the Bulls by a single non-airballed point. Just kidding, that’s the exact opposite of what happened. April Fools.

Snoozebox 20: That’s the name I’m giving yesterday’s Knicks victory over the Celtics, because I literally kept falling asleep while trying to watch it on DVR this morning. Ray Felton’s bomb was the only cool play, despite the fact these two teams are supposed to be enemies.

Other things: Takes a while to get to the payoff, but Norris Cole Chris Boshed Chris Bosh with a decent Chris Bosh … Perhaps we should start calling him Skawhi Leonard … Finally, a poem about Nate Robinson … My grandma would call this Greivis “Grey Biscuits” Vasquez pass snazzy … If you like vomiting, here’s an NCAA player shattering his lower leg during an Elite Eight game