I guess cuddling is a good basketball tactic while trying to free up one of your scorers, but I’ve always thought canoodling is the way to go. Maybe next year.

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  1. Amir and Jonas need their own ‘Laverne & Shirley’ NBA BIG parody commercial

  2. That’s hardcore. Seems effective. I hope I’ll see more of it?

  3. How is that not an illegal screen?

    • I think that is legal! If the screening players don’t move (moving screen=illegal) and don’t push the defender of or touch the defender in other illegal ways with their arms/hips its fine. The first screen seems good to me ruling by this. Anyway the second screen they try seems illegal to me. Too much moving an pushing with hip…
      But then again i don’t know the exact nba rules on screens. I think in FIBA it would be legal.

  4. What the hell!??!?!? Can you do that?!

  5. Love how Derozan has zero inclination to shoot a wide-open three pointer when he gets the ball. Yay for shooting guards who can’t shoot (or pass or rebound or defend). He’d be the 10th best player on the Spurs, Heat, or Thunder.

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