You know, just one of those classic conspiracies where David Stern vetoes a trade for the league’s best point guard which causes the reigning Sixth Man of the Year to complain his way out of the city which leads to an undermanned team being outclassed and eliminated from the playoffs then somehow snagging one of their biggest rivals in a trade before shipping out the second-best center in the league — who is secretly so injured he won’t play the following season — in a trade that lands them the best center in the league who is both coming off an injury and seemingly 78 percent the player he was before back surgery which causes the team to struggle through injuries to every one of their rotation players while needing every bit of “help” along the way to secure the eighth playoff seed in their conference despite having the highest payroll in the entire league. Pretty run of the mill, really. Glad someone finally noticed.

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  1. The NBA apologized for not calling Kobe for fouling Ricky Rubio who, if I may remind you, was shooting a game-tying 3 when the refs looked the other way.

  2. i do not understand what you are saying. the video proves without doubt that the fix is in right now, right in front of our eyes and instead you incoherently ramble about last season. you had a chance to break this case wide open, trey, and you wet the bed. i never thought i’d see the day that you betrayed us all, but here we are.

    • 100% agree. Thought tbj was for real until now

    • Since when did video prove anything? It shows what the producer wants us to see. I’m not a huge Lakers fan, but I watched all the games above. Granted, there were some crap calls, but there were a few against the Lakers as well. Most went the Lakers’ way, but it wasn’t anywhere near as one-sided as this video makes it out to be. I’m not anti-conspiracy at all, but how can you blame TBJ for not going all crazy over something that’s not even well-thought out?

  3. If people truly believe there’s a Lakers conspiracy, someone needs to put together one of these videos for all of the last minute plays that went against the Raptors.

    David Stern doesn’t care about canadians(Read that last phrase back in a Kanye West voice).

  4. The video is more of an indictment on how terrible NBA officials are.

  5. It is a conspiracy. Its david stern were talking about. Lakers do not deserve to make the playoffs, but the nba makes more money when they do.

  6. Like the Raiders always seem to get penalized more than any other team in the NFL without always being the most penalty prone team, the Lakers sure seem to consistently get the beneficial call more often than other teams. Seem of course is key here since I don’t have any tangible evidence other than this video stirring my hatred for the Lakers. (Being a Clippers fan in LA is like being a Mets fan in New York, but times 100)

  7. NBA hates on the Raptors as well 4 games they missed calls not that they are going to playoffs but still;.

  8. I hate David Stern with a passion, can’t wait until he steps down. There is a reason he gets booed every time he steps to the podium on draft night. The hardcore NBA fans aren’t stupid!

  9. I’d like to hear some accounting whiz give a breakdown of what it really means to the NBA in terms of dollars, to have the lakers make the playoffs. I don’t know what the revenue difference would be for the NBA having the lakers instead of the Jazz making the playoffs, but I bet it’s HUGE.
    Most people believe that big name players get the benefit of the doubt. I also think big name teams get the benefit of the doubt. Has Stern told the refs directly that he wants the Lakers in the playoffs…? That’s a stretch. Phil Jackson and other coaches have suggested that the refs should be run through an organization independent of the NBA. There is no reason for this to not be done. Having David Stern sign off on the refs’ paychecks is automatically a suspicious environment, especially after Donaghy.
    I will say this though: the fact that the refs can review a play is a huge step forward. The infamous game 6 of 2002 series between the Lakers and Kings might have ended differently if there was instant replay.

  10. All these cats that are heavily invested in the NBA (journalists included) like to pretend that it’s so unbelievable that a game could possibly be fixed in this day and age. I mean, that was so six years ago, right?

    You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to notice that the Lakers get the benefit of the doubt on calls way more often than the average team.

  11. the lakers do seem to get more calls than any other team. its more the refs giving superstars (especially non-bigs) all the calls than a conspiracy though. Dwade, Kobe, Westbrook etc. On the other hand bigs such as Dwight Howard and Boogie Cousins get ripped off by the refs no doubt about it.

  12. If there were a conspiracy, they wouldn’t have called an offensive foul on Blake Griffin in the Clipper/Mavs game.

    • They are not worried about the Mavs, refs will take care of them on Tuesday night and give the game to the Lakers, no matter what.

  13. And all these conspiracy idiots won’t point out the fact that the NBA would’ve been justified in suspending Ibaka for that but shot on Griffin before the OKC LAL game, or the hundreds of times Kobe’s been hacked in the first 3/4 of the season without getting a call. Kobe’s been fouled more times this season than any other I can remember without getting the calls. And this is coming from a Magic fan. I want nothing
    more than to see Howard fail. But this, this is just stupid.

    • watch the video though. you think these are just errors? if they were, some refs should be suspended. it’s an AUTOMATIC foul if you fake, the defender jumps and you continue your jump shooting motion, however it wasn’t called on the lakers. it is also an AUTOMATIC foul if you touch the arm, elbow or hand of a shooter, and dirk and rubio got robbed! it’s not “conspiracy” right away if you can see the evidence of bad calls that seems like the lakers always get away with.

  14. The rant is brilliant because it shows that the Lakers have had a bunch of things go against them, making it ridiculous to insinuate that a “fix” is in. The Lakers get some calls because they are a big name team with big name players, not because of a “fix”. This video doesn’t prove anything except that sometimes NBA refs get calls wrong. I promise a compilation video of bad calls could be made for every single team in the league. And if the “fix is in”, why didn’t Kobe get the foul call that hurt his ankle in Atlanta? Refs didn’t seem too determined to ensure a victory on that one. Whatever, if you’re not a Lakers fan then you hate em. Comes with the territory, I suppose

  15. its the nba people, what have yall been watching for the past decade? all about homecourt and superstars

  16. The most horrible thing in the NBA is that they always put the “show” above the sport. The superstars get all the calls (and non-calls, when convenient); the whole regular season is a joke with the whole division&conference nonsense, which leads to playoffs where some of the better teams are left out.

  17. AKA Miami Heat 2006.

  18. I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy to get the Lakers in the playoffs, but to me there’s no reason to not believe refs are still betting on games, or at least throwing them for other parties of interest. Instead of just compiling highlights of these games, I think it’s more telling to go look at the spreads for them….who stands to make a ton of money if the lakers win or lose these games?

  19. All I have to say is that it happened before, the 2002 Sacramento Kings agains the laker, The Greatest Tragedy in Sports.

    Just watch the videos it’s interesting

    Sorry for my english :)

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