Ep. 957: Double Play Ball


On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss what’s wrong with the Clippers, if Vinny Del Negro is to blame, Chris Paul’s rough shooting night, Roy Hibbert’s comedian posse, Conley’s game-winning layup, whether Jerryd Bayless is Jason Terry 2.0, Utah’s fifth straight victory, and that Tinsley-Evans oop.

All that, plus Andre Iguodala opting out, our favorite NBA brother combos, and which NBA team we think would turn the smoothest 6-4-3 double play?


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  1. So much baseball talk and no rounders music?

  2. Re: coffee talk. I recall hearing Mo Pete used to drink 8 cups of coffee before playing while on the Raptors.

  3. im one of the 6!

  4. Not sure if you guys caught it, but there was a timeout with something like 3 mins left in the Clips/Pacers game and the cameras (for some reason) were in the Clippers huddle. You could clearly see Chris Paul frantically looking around saying “should we draw it up though? You know? Draw something up? Let’s draw it up!” As far as I could tell, they did not ultimately draw anything up.

  5. The Saint Louis Cardinals are a really good team. Just Sayin’

  6. Game of Thrones quote for the intro! Nice!

  7. Clippers are going to get buried in the playoffs, can’t shoot free throws!

    Tbj u been bumming me out looking towards the playoffs for like 2 weeks…this is the best part of the NBA season where playoff matchups get decided, Lakers games get fixed, and the scrubs get a chance to play.. The 19-20 year olds want it way more and they’re the future of the NBA

    2 years from now there’s no Dirk, no Kobe, no big 3 spurs.. Its not like its fun watching their careers wind down

    • I can’t help but hate people like you a little.
      I mean, people talk about the 19-20 year olds of the NBA all the freakin time, they overrate them like crazy… Let’s enjoy the last few years we get of some of the greatest players ever. Like you said, the young guys are ther future, so let’s talk more about them in the future (or in the summer or whatever), and let’s talk about the present now because before you know it, it’s the past.
      You strike me as that grumpy guy who’s always sitting in a corner talking about how millionaires don’t give enough effort, how the NBA is a big Laker conspiracy and how people don’t talk enough about that young lottery team that has potential (but will most likely amount to nothing)…
      I don’t even understand why people like you watch the NBA, it must make you so frustrated.

  8. COFFEE CRANKIN’ THROUGH MY SYS! Chelsea P. & the Parks & Rec crew are the funniest. I love comedian/athlete mash-ups.

  9. Atlanta Hawks. Teague at short, Korver at second, Josh Smith at first. Teague has the quickness and length to play short. Korver is highly accurate from long range (and basically looks like a second baseman anyway.) Smith is a big target, a lefty, and what’s smoother than turning a double play with J-Smoove?

  10. Someone explain the coffee creme kesha sounding thing…? I am not one of the 6.

  11. Ha, you can tell GoT is back. I hope tomorrow’s opens with “The next whore I find in your bed I’ll hang.”

  12. in open court last year reggie said he used to be an all world pitcher and that he would still be able to play and hit 250

  13. I don’t know of many basketball players that were formerly good baseball players, but I do know that Joe Mauer was quite the basketball player in high school. From an ESPN the Mag feature on him last year:

    “Consider history: Mauer is the only high school athlete to be named USA Today national player of the year in both football and baseball. He averaged 20 points per game in basketball his senior year. Rick Majerus, then the coach at Utah, scouted a teammate and told John Janke, the Cretin-Derham athletic director at the time, “I like the shooting guard, but I really like the power forward.” Janke told Majerus, “Well, Coach, he’s got a scholarship to play quarterback at Florida State, and he’s probably going to be the No. 1 pick in the baseball draft. But good luck.”"

    (link: http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/8391985/minnesota-twins-joe-mauer-ignores-critics-extends-career-espn-magazine)

    But as far as my double-play combo goes, I’d pick the Nuggets. Lawson is short, speedy and a good passer, so he has shortstop. Andre Miller strikes me as one of those old veteran baseball infielders who used to be a top-notch shortstop, but has lost a step in his advanced age and moved over to second base to compensate. JaVale obviously is on first.

    Also, the Wolves game last night was really great. It’s a shame there were no playoff implications, because as we all know, if you aren’t in the playoffs, you can’t be talked about during the final month of the season by the media (unless that media is Zach Lowe, who is the best at finding interesting angles to “irrelevant” teams)

  14. This comment is coming at the halftime of the heat knicks game. Melo WILL be the next Tmac, it is a matter of time until he fades into obscurity when his scoring diminishes. A fool of a player to get taken of advantage of to sell tickets. Comment on this tomorrow plz and ty.

    • T-Mac was a better all-around player than ‘Melo, the injuries are what killed him.
      On the other hand, ‘Melo is 28 and 1 year away from passing T-Mac on the scoring list.
      At 28, T-Mac had already started his fast decline, while ‘Melo is having one of his best seasons. T-M;ac also relied mopre on athleticism than ‘Melo does.
      I really don’t think those 2 players are an apt comparison. Glenn Robinson, maybe?

  15. for anyone after the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvt6EgFD13g

  16. Superb closing quote, Tas. Been a while since I laughed at one of those.

  17. Kenny Lofton went to Arizona on a basketball scholarship.

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