“I just go like a hermit crab. I go place to place if I have to. So whatever it takes to put food in my kids’ bellies and a roof over their head. It doesn’t matter to me.”Nate Robinson, on if he’ll be with the Bulls next year

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  1. amazing that NBA teams still pay this guy, absolutely useless player

    • You are a fucking idiot. I was going to leave a detailed reply in regards to the league’s shortage of guards but I rationalised that it wouldn’t have any effect on you because you are a fucking idiot, you fucking idiot.

  2. No sure how you consider Nate Robinson useless? When by far he’s been the most consistent bull this play off season. That year that Boston was dangerous was because of players like Nate Robinson and big baby. Nate Robinson to me is the most under valued and unappreciated player in the league to me. The only down side to him is his height. But he plays with the heart of giant. You are truly on pcp or something if you consider him useless. Spurs really he wouldn’t fit their system, the way the lakers season went this year they wished they had a player like Nate right now. Memphis is not designed for Nate. He’s fine in Chicago. A good position for him being that the state of d Rose is still in question

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