Two things that are important to know before dipping in to this post:

  1. UNDRCRWN makes cool basketball-themed stuff, as we’ve seen a bunch of times before.
  2. The Heat still call Ray Allen “Jesus Shuttlesworth” when he’s on fire.

Knowing those things, allow me to introduce you to UNDRCRWN’s Jesus Shuttlesworth necklace, which just might be the greatest reinterpretation we’ve ever seen of the classic “Jesus Piece” that’s so famous in the neck jewels world. As far as necklaces of basketball players heads goes, this is the best since Marquis Daniels had his own head bejeweled.

Beyond the details — only 50 of each color of this laser-etched wooden medallion are available for purchase at a cost of $75 apiece — there isn’t much else to say. This is just a fun thing to own if you’re big in to necklaces, Denzel Washington movies, homonyms, Ray Allen, the capitol of Nebraska, the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Seattle SuperSonics, Big State, Milwaukee Bucks, three-pointers or collecting Spike Lee memorabilia. If you are any or all of those things (not judging), walk your fingers over to UNDRCRWN’s online shop and go crazy. It’s not every day you can celebrate college basketball recruiting’s corruption and honor the greatest shooter in NBA history at the same time.

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  1. this rules, but i have a bone to pick… Reggie Miller is the greatest shooter in NBA history, not Ray Allen, or even the Jesus (Shuttlesworth).

  2. he’s on the short list of players who registered a season in the 50-40-90 club, along with basically all the other guys who i would include on my list of the bests (with Durant joining the club as well), his overall career fg% is better than that of the Jesus, although his 3 pt. fg% is lower.. honestly, i think they both deserve to be mentioned and defended to the death by their respective homers (me of course being a die-hard Pacers fan). Not including him in your top 5 is downright hateful, and any list that excludes him for the likes of Bean and Redd is worthy of ridicule (although Redd was a stud for several years).
    Reggie could have played for that Celtics team and gotten a ring, too. Do you remember how badly Danny Ainge wanted him on that team? But it was important for him to retire as a Pacer rather than break his fans’ hearts chasing jewels like a gypsy..
    and i obviously have my biases, but as a Pacers fan i can tell you, nick, that no one who spent their entire career in Indiana could ever possibly be “the most over hyped player of all time”, i think that award would have to go to any chud who had a decent game playing for the New York Knickerbockers.

    • ” i think they both deserve to be mentioned and defended to the death by their respective homers (me of course being a die-hard Pacers fan).”

      well, Ray doesn’t have a home

  3. i wonder if jesus is gonna pick tech or big state

  4. I’d say whomever has a 50-40-90 badge and the best FG-3PT-FT averages has that title. Ray doesn’t have a 50-40-90 badge and (I love Ray as a player and his body of work) giving him the “Greatest Shooter” title is akin to calling someone the best scorer if he’s never won the scoring title.

  5. I don’t like Ray Allen, but I would love to get that and wear it to work. I’d act like I don’t realize I’m wearing a totally wackass piece of jewelry and see if anyone says anything.

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