Ballin: Melllllll-oooooo! 50 points on 18-26 shooting and virtually no other stats (two rebounds, two assists, a block and a steal) but who cares because 50! Watch some highlights, jump shot lovers.

Not so much: When Jimmy Butler and Nate Robinson both missed a pair of free throws with less than three minutes remaining, I remember thinking that those would probably come back to bite the Bulls. They lost by four, so yep. Good stuff.

Going going back back to Denver Denver: Fans of the 2008-11 Nuggets must have loved this play.

This is the Nuggets equivalent of seeing Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen go against each other in their primes, except maybe a bit less notable in scale.

Props: For all the terrible things he says on air, we should give Reggie Miller a little #respect for his “jabbin’ Father Time” bit following Kobe Bryant’s first dunk of the evening. HATED it when he brought it back at the end of the game though.

Sneaky: Nate Robinson might miss some free throws that indirectly but kind of directly lead to his team losing, but he’ll also pull off a move that is so confusing I still can’t figure it out 12 hours later.

Did he dribble through Emeka Okafor’s legs? Did he crawl under Emeka Okafor’s legs? Does he have a superpower that allows him to pass his body through various objects? I need answers because this is bizarre and not a single replay was shown. (And if he just did a simple crossover before squeezing through a tiny opening in the trap, I don’t want to hear about it.)

Duh: Shaquille O’Neal had his No. 34 retired by the Lakers last night, so of course Kobe Bryant had a triple-double (23 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists) while adding four steals, two blocks and two dunks.

Confusion: I’m not sure I’m seeing things right here, but I’m pretty sure Mike Miller had a putback dunk last night.

I’m also fairly certain that this clip from last week of Mike Miller catching an alley-oop is legit, so I’m pretty unsure of what is going on down in Miami.

As expected: Here’s the entire Shaq jersey retirement, including the part where the Lakers organization brought in the legendary coach that it infamously didn’t re-hire this season to speak, which of course led to chants of “WE. WANT. PHIL.” and Shaquille O’Neal agreeing by saying, “I want Phil too.” Very cool move by the franchise. Not at all insulting to Mike D’Antoni. Kobe loved it too.

Other things: Kobe Bryant is good at Skyhooks, so I assume he’ll soon start wearing Skyhook t-shirts … Mark Cuban says he’d consider drafting Brittney Griner … To be fair, Spike Lee was wide open … Really great quote from Taj Gibson about his re-injured knee … Picture up top via Reddit

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  1. Hey Guys, watching the Mavs / Lakers game last night when Hack a Dwight broke out and was wondering if Dwight could inbound the ball and just stay out of bounds so he couldn’t get fouled. He could even back up or go to the second row so the defender couldn’t reach him! What is the rule on fouling a player who is out of bounds? Another option: what if all the other Lakers formed a ring around Dwight so the other team couldn’t reach him?

    • As crazy as it might sound…i also want an answer to this.

    • I remember thinking about this option (just staying out of bounds) back when the Hack-a-Dwight started earlier in the season. I looked through the NBA rules, but couldn’t find out if it would be an intentional foul (my gut feeling) or not.

    • There is certainly nothing in the rule book that says that Dwight has to step inbounds. Players leave the court during play all the time. The real question is what type of foul would be called if he was fouled while out of bounds.

    • There does not appear to be anything that states a player out of bounds cannot be fouled, either:

      But I am against any rules that allows for a player paid millions of dollar to get away with not improving their FT%…

  2. After watching Shaq’s number being retired, should the Celtics re-retire their numbers because there are a number of people sharing one banner, and it is confusing to figure out which player owns that number.

  3. Any truth to the rumour that you guys moving to a new studio?

    • Please SCORE do whatever it takes. The dark dingy room sucks the life out of the daily fix

      Old one was much better, tell the MMA twats noone cares about their semi gay sport

      • Whoa! Sports have sexual preferences?! What a tremendous finding! You should submit your data to a journal so multiple agencies can pursue this game-changing new line of stu… oh, wait, you were just being a bigot. I get it.

        • No it’s actually true. MMA sucks weiners and gives reach-a-rounds. Nothing wrong with homosexuality, but it should be noted half naked guys grappling and grabbing each other’s corn holes is suspect.

          I’m torn on the studio thing. Felt much more professional last year, it was bright and shiny and I liked seeing downtown TO behind you.
          The incorporation of Leigh and Happy Matt and his drops has made the show wayyyy funnier. Definitely makes this show stand out.
          Either way I’ll tune in everyday.

  4. I third that can we find if there is a rule against fouling a player out of bounds ? Also no earl Clark shout out that dude played ball offensively and defensively. 3 / 5 threes and 5 blocks.

  5. The first of Melo’s 2 assists was to Novak in the corner at the end of the third which gave the Knicks the lead going into the 4th. This was the final pivot that turned the game.

  6. I’m not one to care much about jumpshots, but the speed with which Melo pulls up and shoots his is quite mesmerizing.

  7. Wizards fans were awarded free Chick-fil-A for Butler’s two misses. Or as Wizznutzz likes to call it, “Free Homophobic Chicken.” Kirk Hinrich getting tossed at end of game was strange as well.

  8. I’m sorry is anyone else highly suspicious about what Kobe did/took in Germany to all of a sudden get his vertical back that CLEARLY wasn’t there the last few years?? There’s platelet enrichment, and then there’s lots of other stuff…..

  9. Has there ever been a player to score 50 without taking a single shot in the paint?

  10. There is no chance that Brittney Griner gets drafted. She could certainly get a tryout, but the NBA draft isn’t like the MLB or NFL drafts with a million rounds, it only has 2, and there’s no way Griner is one the best 60 players available this year.

  11. Carmelo’s game was amazing – not a hot streak, just a slow burn the entire game that never wavered or waned. The Heat B team was really tough – Spoelstra gets alot of credit for having them ready to play, and they beat the Knicks in many facets of the game…but Melo never cracked for a second..

    Knicks fans: Anthem for the playoffs!
    Go Knicks!

  12. The idea that Mike Miller might be back to his healthy self makes Miami very scary but also very unlikely. Guys usually don’t get better once they start having back issues.

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