I’m just going to get out of the way and hit you with a press release that is sure to make your day. From Oprah:


The new OWN series “Millionaire Mama’s Boy” explores the dynamic relationship between former WNBA basketball star Pamela McGee and her 25-year-old son, Denver Nuggets center, JaVale McGee.  Famous for being domineering on and off the court, Pamela is not only JaVale’s mom, she’s also his business manager, working to build an empire while trying to keep a tight rein on the glitz and girls that come with the life of an NBA star.  Meanwhile, Pamela’s managing her own life, which consists of her equally fabulous single girlfriends who also have sons coming up in the league.  When Pamela needs someone to laugh with or a shoulder to cry on, she turns to her girls. Like Pamela, they are single mothers raising their sons while dating and chasing their own ambitions.  With her hectic schedule, Pamela relies on her “manny” Jay to get things done.  She trusts him to oversee her mansion, bank accounts and properties.  While her friends think there could be a love connection, Pamela and Jay deny it – but they certainly fight like a married couple.  Like any good mother, Pamela is a force to be reckoned with, and no one is going to stop Mama McGee from taking care of her own.  After all, she is basketball royalty herself.  They may be crazy, loud and a little wild, but family’s what it’s all about for the McGees and their friends. Ultimately, it’s a show about family, love and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her son; all seven feet of him.  The series is executive produced by Pete Tartaglia and Amy Palmer Robertson and distributed by Sony Pictures Television.  Join the conversation on Twitter using #MillionaireMamasBoy.

Shoutout to Pete Tartaglia, Amy Palmer Robertson and Oprah Winfrey* for making this happen. There’s not even a debut date set for “Millionaire Mama’s Boy” but I’m already setting my DVR and choosing “Save until I delete” for every episode of this. As my good friend Bart Scott might say, “CAN’T WAIT.”

Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m most excited for — Pamela’s staredowns, JaVale’s lunacy, Jay the Manny or Pamela sending JaVale to his room every other episode because he did something silly on the court. I feel like it’s Christmas morning and I just woke up.

*Sidenote: Imagine a world where JaVale McGee, his mom and Oprah Winfey are all in a meeting together, talking about reality shows. Then realize that that might have actually happened and we are living in that world. Then throw a party.

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  1. As a very smart man would say: This one is gold!

    P.S. read the press release in Oprah’s voice to make it 100 times better

  2. WAUW! This one, indeed, is gold.

    I trust Trey will bring recaps and highlights of each episode so we Europeans don’t miss out completely.

    That sidenote is wonderful. What a world this is.

  3. I would guess that JaVale wasn’t invited to the meeting.

  4. If this doesn’t prove there is a God, then I don’t know what will.

  5. This is fantastic.

  6. Wowww… Worried this is an April fools joke. i’ll believe it when I’m watching it

  7. This is wrong on so many levels. first of all: his mother should move herself more to the background, i mean the backbackbackground. She didnt do her son a favor with her comments on “the future of the NBA” and she isnt doing him a favor now. How about he first becomes a player who deserves a reality show. He is a talented player and could “brand” (i hate that term, but…) himself as a guy who gets it now and all the shaqtin a fool was yesterday. What the hell is less mature than the “Mammas boy”-angle this show will have. PR nightmare and therefor a money losing opportunity.
    nonetheless: i will watch it, whats the english expression for “Fremdschämen”?

  8. Best reality show news ever.
    @doyle Javalee signed a deal with the peak shoe company dont worry about his brand.
    Peak will run his brand in to the ground themselves

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