If anyone out there is thinking of putting their hair on or about Russell Westbrook, here is a quick word of advice — don’t. He hates that.

From Sam Alipour’s surprisingly in-depth interview at ESPN:

Do you have any phobias?
Yeah, like, hair s—. I don’t like that.

Wait, what do you mean? Like, you hate when there’s hair lying around your place?
Naw, there ain’t no hair at my place, I promise you that. But, you know, if there’s hair around, I can’t handle that. If I find somebody’s hair laying on me, I’ll lose it.

So yeah, if you were thinking of putting your hair on Russell Westbrook any time soon, don’t even bother. Just a quick FYI.

Alternately, if you’re trying to sabotage the Thunder, maybe put your hair all over Russell Westbrook? Seems like it would work. File that idea away for safe keeping.

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  1. Since the type of hair wasn’t specified I am going to assume that Mr. Harden would trim his beard and leave the trimmings everywhere and THAT is the reason why he is not still with the Thunder. Russel couldn’t handle it, brah

  2. so definitely not a cat then.

  3. Lol then hes gay how does he fuck a girl if she has hair

  4. Is this why he messes with mascots?

    They’re furry.

  5. does this make him more dog-like or cat-like?

  6. he must hate it when the thunder play joakim noah or anderson varejao

  7. Good lord, this guy this is such a diva.

  8. His neck looks gross… looks like a xenomorph from Aliens.

  9. Have we ever seen such a deep crop of “weird guys in the NBA”. Rus, Rondo, Bosh. We need to make an All Weird NBA team.

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