If anyone out there is thinking of putting their hair on or about Russell Westbrook, here is a quick word of advice — don’t. He hates that.

From Sam Alipour’s surprisingly in-depth interview at ESPN:

Do you have any phobias?
Yeah, like, hair s—. I don’t like that.

Wait, what do you mean? Like, you hate when there’s hair lying around your place?
Naw, there ain’t no hair at my place, I promise you that. But, you know, if there’s hair around, I can’t handle that. If I find somebody’s hair laying on me, I’ll lose it.

So yeah, if you were thinking of putting your hair on Russell Westbrook any time soon, don’t even bother. Just a quick FYI.

Alternately, if you’re trying to sabotage the Thunder, maybe put your hair all over Russell Westbrook? Seems like it would work. File that idea away for safe keeping.