Ep. 959: Jerky Boy

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss the Nuggets’ Italian celebration, Evan Fournier, whether Tyrone Corbin will be fired this offseason, ‘Melo’s 40-point night, Jeff Green, poor Brandon Knight, and the Ryan Hollins-Goran Dragic altercation.

All that, plus Tas sings Stevie Wonder, quotes “Dirty Dancing,” meows like a cat, and tries to convince strangers to name three NBA players. Yup. It’s Book-Off Payoff Day!


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Comments (44)

  1. Talk about a two towel performance. Plus Trey broke his chair.

  2. Trey Kerby with the Prince Paul reference! Love it.

  3. The NorthEast corner of the store, a greeny-black plaid argyle lolz! Well earned Beckinsale today guys.

  4. Not the J.R. Smith that we used to know – Your new song by Gotye!

  5. Strong bailout on the 7-11 call, Melas. That was about to get UNCOMFORTABLE.

  6. I don’t think it could have ended better with the 7-11 call.

    What in the hell is that guy thinking for the rest of the day? “What did I just get saved from? Should I report that to the police?”

  7. We already need a new Leigh Ellis Blank Jones this summer.. I’m particularly curious how he talked a girl into being his “weekday girlfriend” and having his weekends free

    But now we also need a Tas Melas Prank Call Hour Blank Jones as well

  8. Matt Osten with the Glengarry Glen Ross reference. I can dig it!

  9. Best book off ever, Tas killed it !

    I already had the pole dancing one as the best but this is way better, I can’t believe how he pulled that off.


  10. On those prank calls: people in Canada are so fucking nice

  11. Tas + Skeets, do you bet more than 10$ on NBA games?

    Seems like Skeets does some serious research for his picks while Tas wings it

    • I used to bet on NBA games, until I realized that it’s quite possibly the stupidest thing in the world. Don’t do it. It’ll drive you insane.

  12. Hello sirs – is it my imagination that the YouTube upload is taking longer the last few days? I like to see your pretty faces…

  13. Tas really is a people person. And man, I miss how nice everyone is in Canada.

  14. I have faith that Polly can name 3 basketball players.

  15. Plaid-argyle… greeny-black… I’m rolling over here, this is great.

  16. Tas you should of asked for shoe/sneaker products for naming 3 NBA players.

  17. Tas is a people person AND a cat person. Amazing performance.

  18. I hope the Jones will talk about the Wolves a little bit when Rick Adelman becomes the 7th coach in NBA history to reach 1,000 wins this weekend.

  19. That lady depressed me. That was real depressing.

  20. You’re not fun.

  21. that pay-off was hilarious. damn.

  22. wow i didnt know you guys read my suggestion to do this payoff. This was pretty funny

  23. Great book-off pay-off!

    Reminds of the old days when TBJ made cold calls on the Overdose.

  24. Little tip: don’t listen to this at work. Looked like a crazy person at the office.

    Tas, fantastic job!

  25. The old Moroccan long con..

    Most likely juwan…

    Damn you bosh, stealing my minutes, and I’ll be standing out in this scarf at the party.. Haha! The perfect crime

  26. Uh-oh, Julie must be having another baby.

  27. Was listening to this at Uni earlier, got to the part where Tas said do you mind if I just meow a few times, it killed me, had to shut it off and leave the library i was laughing so hard.
    Never heard such a strange cat noise, it was like mixed parts sexual and painful sounding.
    Gonna start over, this is gonna be a Beckinsale, i can tell already..


  29. Props, great show. The whispering call had to be the funniest.

  30. Hey Matt, what were the other Dirty Dancing quotes ? (Don’t know why but I assume it was your idea).

  31. that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  32. One of the best, well done Tas
    Skeets’ expressions (38:44) whilst listening just add to the humour

    • agreed. amazing overall performance – and the camera turning from tas to the other guys trying so hard not to laugh out loud (skeets’ head resting on the table) really killed me.

  33. Great show guys! I was listening to this episode on my way to work, and just couldn’t stop myself from LOLing. Hope to hear another prank call show. “fantastic is what I said!”

  34. Definitely need audio drops from that call. Best show I’ve heard, Beckinsale all the way. Tas should do this more often.

  35. love the way reading girl, slipped in the subtle and serious Yes, when Tas said you must be more educated than me…..

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